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I decided, talking to people who have helped me to drive this site, which, on Sundays, I would not a scientific text and, yes, something that would serve as "food for the soul."

The big question is that I am tiny to want to write these things and thus to safety d that neither Emmanuel or Chico Xavier would care too much about it, I'm copying and pasting their texts, to bring some relief.

The text in question, I found "by chance", an empty bed of CRT-A, which was still at Rua Antonio Carlos. I would say, if they called me to say it, that the expression "by chance" is an insult to God, as Albert Einstein once said that God does not play dice (...).


The text has served me as a guide to start my journey of a thousand miles beginning with a single step.

I hope it is for you too.

Claudio Souza

By Emmanuel Chico Xavier

Often, we find, here and there, the sick brothers for emotional maladjustment.
Almost always, do not walk. Drag up. No dialogue. They worship the complaint and lamentation.
And proven is that, on Earth, the emotional strain of the incarnate creature dilates over time.
Insecurity, inner conflict, frustration, sadness, discouragement, anger, disagreement and seizure and other negative states of the soul, subtly beat the physical body, opening the field to obscure etiology of disease, the force to be repeated constantly, squandering the organic cosmos.

If you can accept the existence of God and the salutary practice of this or that religion in which more you reconfortes, preserves you against such imbalance ...

Begins accepting life itself, as it is, trying to improve it with patience.
Learn to cherish others, as if to present you without requiring them immediate changes.
Dedicate yourself to the job in which you sustentes without neglecting the rest or break from the entertainment if you restore your energy.
Serve others as much as you can.
Holds you on the better side of situations and people, forgetting what you seem inconvenient or unpleasant.
Do not upload resentment.
Cultivates simplicity, avoiding the burden of complications and unproductive issues that evade thee peace.
Admit the failure by profitable lesson, when failure may arise.
Tempera conversation with the leaven of hope and hope and joy.
As much as possible, not thyself problem for anyone, committing you to ensure yourself.
If friends abandon you, seek others who can understand more securely.
When the memory of the past does not contain actual values, forgets that is gone, using the present in building the future.
If the inevitable happens, boldly accepted the evidence in view, in the certainty that all creatures go through times of sorrows and tears.
Offers a smile of sympathy and kindness to anybody.
As for the death of the body, do not think about it, keeping the conviction that no one existed in the world, without the need to face it.

And, working and serving always, without waiting for other reward than the blessing of peace in conscience, no emotional tension you create disenchantment or disease, as if you fulfill your duty with sincerity when miss you strength, God will sustain you and where thou canst not do all the good you wish to realize God will always be the most important part! ...

cosmic spectacles


p align = center "align = center">(From the book "Companion," by the Spirit Emmanuel, Francisco C. Xavier)
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