Infinite love

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As I promised, I am posting on another Sunday, a text that can serve as food for the Spirit, because he also needs it. My religious line of thought is the Kardecism although I confess that "I'm tired of the spirit."

I say this because, after going through many meetings where we tried to solve something the meeting ended with sentences that, in summary, the following meanings:

- "Let the upper Spirituality solve it."

I disagree with that strongly because the upper Spirituality is the top Spirituality precisely because, willfully and sometimes to weight poignant sacrifices, unraveled the solutions to their problems and, in my view, we will not leave the point where we are in our "spiritual asceticism" without just placate these problems, which are placed in our charge to their solution.

In a very poor example when it came, it the ides of 1.500, Brazil, the region in which today thrives the city of Santos, to reach the village of São Paulo de Piratininga, was it a difficult journey, uphill, that took days and days.

Today, we have two highways: Anchieta and Immigrants, cutting the Sierra and consume just over an hour to go the route that the pioneers of this civilization, consumed the time lapses mentioned above.

Horizons achieved unveil even broader horizons and work Constant is what God does and more, in my opinion, he does not expect of us, anything other than that.

Infinite love

faith in GodBefore those who supunhas astray, even if entremostrem blind in crime, do not trust you to curse.

In these difficult hours, indagas of yourself where the great reason why God tolerate such abuses. *

However, if the caring breaks, think about your own child when problems arise ...

If unhappy notes indicate you study, you know give you in school repeated course or transfers the exam for a second time.

If evades profession, diligences always new activities to see it correct and adjusted to duty.

It appears sick, angarias remedy, restoring his strength.

If the vice corrupts him the fibers of consciousness, do not you cut her arms, but searches onFear-of-crime-in-Knysna life the means to that reeduque. Is committed grave mistake, you do not want death, because you feel that compassion suggests you other service fields and amendment.

Even in circumstances where evil seems you embrace all the earth, think of the divine love that sustains the stars and feeding insects in order to perceive that, vibrating everywhere, the constant appeals for forgiveness and help.

You will understand, then, that the lack of someone today may be our fault, also tomorrow.

And when we notice that we, fallible spirits, we love, although the imperfection in the shadow tisna, we know, finally, that God is always love, always Infinite Love, the Justice of Law.

Public meeting 10-2-61 1ª Party cap. VI, 16 Book item Divine justice

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