AIDS deaths among adolescents doubled

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Do not sleep in that noise! ​​Has treatment "has so! But it is a very heavy bar to load and, for those who think this is little, is for the rest of your life and the more time passes, the more difficult becomes living with AIDS. And who says that's me, who live so there 22 years.

Since the year 2000, AIDS has more than doubled the number of death among young people and adolescentes.Estima is that every sixty minutes, twenty nine people aged between fifteen and nineteen contract HIV, or HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) as shown by the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef). The figures, presented during 21ª International Conference on AIDS show that AIDS, or AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is the second leading cause of death among young people aged 10 19 the years.

The report states that there is a greater vulnerability among girls, more vulnerable to the AIDS epidemic, revealing a ratio of about sixty-five percent of new infections among adolescents in the world. In sub-Saharan Africa, the region where they are approximately 70% of people living with HIV, three out of four adolescents infected in two thousand and fifteen were girls between ten and fifteen years! (Editor's note: There is a dark culture, especially in South Africa, which teaches a kind of spell that take the virginity of a girl would cure AIDS and such monstrosity generated and has generated an overwhelming result of rape to "this purpose ")

Fear of passing the examination, according to Unicef, makes many young people are unaware of their situation - just 13% of girls and 9% of boys were tested last year and, in addition, there are those who live extreme paranoia processes. Research conducted by the United Nations in 16 countries found that almost seventy percent of the fifty-two thousand young respondents do not wish to take the exam for fear of a positive result out of fear for the consequences of social stigma, after thirty-five years of pandemic still can not be dispelled by labeling people who have HIV as when little promiscuous. (Again speak I as editor, based on my personal experiences, provided that, through a process of "therapy", I heard from the mouth the "analyst" that I was promiscuous and because of that contracted HIV and henceforth would have to endure "the consequences. " FUTILE TO SAY THAT I DID NOT PAY THE SESSION AND NEVER COME BACK).

"After so many lives saved and better cared for thanks to prevention, treatment and care; after all the battles won against prejudice and ignorance related to the disease; after all the wonderful milestones achieved, AIDS remains the second leading cause of death among young people from the 10 19 years worldwide - and number one cause in Africa, "said the executive director of UNICEF, Anthony Lake.

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  • 21/07/2016 17h41
  • Brasilia


  • 25/07/16
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  • Claudio Souza

I would love to be able to finish the article where it ends and, unfortunately, I can not omit me.

I do not have a global view of events given the natural limitations to a non-financial resources blogger who only have three people helping me in this work (this after nearly sixteen years of solitary work and I see here in Brazil, scenes like this that expose on here). There is a trivialization process of AIDS, which has been considered a chronic disease such as, diabetes, when most people do not realize how much can be painful life of a person suffering with diabetes.

AIDS can indeed be considered a chronic disease, if we add to this expression the progressive adverbs, debilitating, degenerative, stigmatizing, painful, with complex treatment and total unpredictability of progression because every person with AIDS evolves (...) clinically from a completely different from other people and I remember a girl when I was a volunteer form (this was nothing but my duty as a human being) in CRT-a I met a girl who was toxoplasmosis victim of a serious illness which reaches the brain, whose consequences, there is always sequelae are completely unpredictable.

In her case, what was lost was all the mobility of the body and she lived in a fetal position, curled on itself.

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fetal position: Sounds good right? Imagine living like that all the time, for thirty or forty years

I only knew this because she was hungry and "forgot" to feed her.

I remember that in my inexperience, I just took the food and put at her disposal. And she, embarrassed, explained her condition and I fed, as if feeding a baby. (Tears here).

If I write these things, it is not to show that I am a "wonderful guy." What I want is to give science to you, that trivialized sex, especially unprotected sex and the consequences are dire unpredictably and easily avoidable:

safe sex. Condom.

And, it has more. There is much married woman who thinks he is out of that range, and when I was DJ, especially in the Plaza wagon, what I saw was a lot of joy watered with champagne and vaginas that when the guy came home, said he was in a meeting Business. And it was so, business!

it was there, it would cost the transaction, for an hour or two ... that was what was being negotiated.

Going further, and unfortunately I have not been able to find, on my own website, an article that deals with a "mysterious situation" where heterosexual men contracted HIV from other men. Sure, you can do your searches on the site and be happier by finding the result. In this case, please, pass me the link in the form that I will put below. When, twenty-two years ago, I was diagnosed, part of my "via cruxis " was precisely to go live in a support house full of transvestites, all HIV positive, and almost all could go out at night, to "make some money".

They told me, with the coldness of liquid nitrogen, many of those "customers" had an alliance in the left hand and (it needs no inference) that they were paying more to have sex with them without a condom.

As AIDS seems crazy some people, they, HIV positive, accepted the bargain and do not think that these men with alliance sought a sexual relationship where he would "active part" because, as they told me, the overwhelming them lived the frustration of having literally transformed their bodies in order to become esthetically female, they were sought to make the active role and, if anyone, female, is married to a man with "odd hours", which protect, for I am not able to predict what they're doing out there and I would advise to make quick test and they are sure of their serologic status and, if they are not reagents, passing to demand condom use at the time of intercourse and the requirement (I I am given to extreme measures) of a semi-annual test for HIV.

I would have much to say, but I think I have said enough, showing that there is greater vulnerability to "females" and this potentiates (unfortunately) within marriage, which can be seen in the video that will incorporate this article now same and below the article, a form.

Note that the part to account for forms of welcome messages are of my responsibility and at the moment I have a little over a hundred messages to answer. And I say to all, but when I can get to them.

Take care. Take care of yourself (look on Youtube for care is good, Guilherme Arantes).

If you look at around the site, you will see that there are many my pictures and no one would say that I live with HIV to 22 years.

It's time. 2: 37.

Now and review and schedule for publication today, 16: 30

Claudio Souza

Important Note: Part of this article was based on Article Agency Brazil news in this link:

UNICEF warns: AIDS deaths among adolescents more than doubled since 2000

Printable version in the Brazil Agency

Paula Laboissière - Reporter Agency Brazil


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