HIV + people are more vulnerable to STDs?


Are HIV-Positive People More Vulnerable to Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Several scientific studies demonstrating that patients with
genital ulcers, urethritis of gonococcal, Chlamydial urethritis, cervicitis and
trichomoniasis are at increased risk of acquiring other STDs, especially
  • infection by HIV. Moreover, little is known yet if the patient
    with HIV have a higher risk of acquiring other STDs. However, the risk of
    purchase any STD is directly related to the behavior and
    types practice sex (secure or not).

    The person who has developed the AIDS may present atypical clinical and laboratory evolution of syphilis. In this situation, the patient after acquisition of the infection with Treponema pallidum can evolve to complex neurological forms and difficult to treat.

    There are several descriptive studies warning about the possible existence of a
    biological interaction between HIV and other STDs. Verficamos that
    cytomegalovirus, the Hepatitis B virusIt is capable of, in conjunction with HIV
    trigger the progressive decrease of cellular immunity, that is, cause the defensive cells of the human organism to collapse until they reach AIDS.

    Dr. Paulo Vieira Damascus
    Infectologist - Infectious and Parasitic Diseases - Hospital Universitário Pedro
    Ernesto - State University of Rio de Janeiro.

    Knowledge Base on HIV / AIDS

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