AIDS: The "Chronic Disease"


Fernanda ¨¨¨¨¨¨ // July 27, 2016 at 23:27 // Cláudio first of all I want to congratulate you and thank you for this blog that takes away and clarifies several doubts that God bless you infinitely, I had a risky relationship and then this person found out that it was positive serum I already did two quick tests one with a month and the other with 87 days after the risk exposure everyone gave no reagent only now I found out that I have arthrosis you think this influences the result hj is already doing almost 05 months and I have no symptoms of HiV what do you think ? Claudio Souza // July 28, 2016 at 04:52 am // Hi Fernanda, here I am! I'll rock you like a hurrycane! (I'll shake you like a hurricane!)

Keep in mind that all links on this page open in other tabs, so u can see everything. Please see everything, I worked five hours on this page for her to have more than one sense, more than one purpose, it is to be useful and conscientizing!

Thank you for raising your thoughts to God and asking for blessing for us, to bless our work. You do not imagine, during these sixteen years, how many times I have thought about giving up ... Well, as explained in the text, whose authorship of the technical part of the text was elaborated by four nurses from the The CRT- which is in the vicinity of the station São Judas Metro and, not satisfied, until I went to House of AIDS, an important reference center in the treatment of AIDS in the southern hemisphere of the planet and I learned that the rapid test has an accuracy of 99% of cases over a 30 day period and the remaining 1% needs two months (sixty days).

Sometimes I joke here, when the shot scrapes past, and I say that if I were Jesus, I would say: “Now go and sin no more, so that something worse doesn't happen to you”. I am not Jesus; I'm just a hummingbird collected, in the river, a little bit of water to try to erase the rehearsal in the forest. It may seem little, but it is what we can do. Anyway, I went to a website and got some material to incorporate into our content.

So Fernanda was "just" a scare. It is more important that you reflect on the lesson and the fear and perhaps reposition yourself in relation to what you eventually (like so many others) could think about people "just like me" ... I think everyone should reflect on this , for example in my place, which is that of the person who has spent two nights in clear due to neuropathic pain caused by peripheral neuropathy HIV, A very troublesome thing! How is tonight

But I will not let cheap

. Look, AIDS has been treated as a chronic disease and, in a way, it may even be that. But it needs other adjectives: AIDS is
  1. Chronic disease
  2. Hair Straightening
  3. degenerative
  4. Unpredictable developments please click here
  5. Debilitating (two nights ago not sleep because of the pain caused by peripheral neuropathy (you can click without fear of losing the thread of the skein, all the links open in other tabs).
  6. Can, my greatest fear, leave me ceg @. (...)
  7. They can lead to Dementia through a variable called ARC (AIDS Related Complex ) - AIDS Related Complex) - ARC (you can click that is a second list with other horrible variants of the sequels of the "chronic disease".
  8. And there is the “premature aging"
  9. sarcoma Kaposi

They say it hurts the bessa. I remember him dragging a morphine infuser wherever he went…

Morphine for me, is milk of roses, I take are sixty milligrams of methadone, Mg 1800 150 mg of gabapentin and Thorazine. With the syndrome of premature aging, at the age of 40, I operated on the right eye for cataracts and there is another one, still incipient, in the left eye that, until now, “has not bothered”. A history with two pulmonary embolisms. I already see the doctor saying: This is not connected. And I teach Our Father to the Vicar: HIV causes vasculitis throughout the vascular system and provides the opportunity for clots to form. In addition to Repeating Pulmonary Thromboembolism (Two injections per day Clexane). I also have the Repeat thrombophlebitis.

However According to the “National Institute of Social Security” I am perfectly fit for work and since 31/12/2009 I have not received any benefit and I have been living, very badly in my legs, than I see on the free market, in this e-shopp: If it weren't for a gift here and there, God knows what would live. Yes, my wife is retired, she gets a benefit… But I, after I left home, when I was twelve years old and was ashamed to ask for alms as soon as I was sixteen, I started unloading trucks at Dom Pedro I Park Market
Meanwhile, some sectors of society receive increases of 40%. Others “work 8 years and retire, and the pension gap has to be filled with the crab chicken feathers from my pillow. It is the bridge that fell.

Okay for you? Or want me to continue? For I have not the slightest expectation of sleep before taking my medicine and I do not even have to leave home conditions, be my wife will have to go get them for me ... And, detail, she lives with HIV for years 28

Yes! Yes! Glad tidings, AIDS is a chronic disease you contract.

But, unfortunately, it is not as Glaucoma(This I do not have) a sad and bloody insidious disease which, however, has treatment very expensive (I would say expensive) and, if discovered in time, have treatment to eye drops base and I'm learning it on -a-day because my mother suffers from glaucoma and, if I understand well, there is the possibility of a surgical treatment (this is not my thing - I may be talking nonsense and I apologize in advance to are suffering from Glaucoma and contact me to enlighten me and correct any mistake (grant me the lenience to analyze myself as human and fallible). Note that the responses will take time because, at the moment, there must be at least 140 messages to reply and I do not allow anyone to reply, although I am thinking of Beto Volpe to do this, if he can. Well, then, no one says it was for lack of warning. I didn't know any of that and thought it was like being struck by lightning: It hit, it died. It's been 22 years since I “hit and didn't die”.

If I only knew all this!… (…) (Poutz)

Claudio Souza - Seropositive from 1994

You see, if you, secluded and lonely woman, on a Saturday night, were filled with sympathy for me, would you think that I live with AIDS? The face of the epidemic is made up of people like me. That's all I wrote about, it's the complications aspect of my personal health. If I get someone else and write it down, the story will always be different and we had, among us, a friend, Amarylis, who died stupidly in the hands of a doctor who accompanied by 18 months, with double vision and did not ask for a CT scan or magnetic resonance imaging. Before perishing she left this testimony

But in other times it was not so

After that, as soon as I left the hospital (I was three months gone and lost between 35 and 40 kilos) (a convalesci viral menigite (which Santa Casa diagnosed for 28 days as flu) in a high turnover hotel frequented by transvestites). And it was a common voice the "small mouth, that I had died victim (even that is not certain, if you are a victim of AIDS, is Person Living with HIV or AIDS). As I arrived thin it was as if a cosmic confirmation that if I had not died, I would die soon.

My boss always be my friend, or my rights paid. Street! When I arrived at the hotel where I lived, my room was vacated and, in an act of mercy, the hotel owner gave me the clothes without charge me the arrears. After that, I called a friend ... (...)

Still I called another and then gave up.

To make one day I fell in nonsense (at that time was bullshit because if you come to withdraw the FGTS was used a code, say 027 it and the box of the girl shouted: People have a 027 it here Betrayal explicit and! Fortunately someone changed that, and today the code is generic.

About two, maybe three years ago, I went through a selection process and was hired by CONTAX (now see the desperation of a 50-year-old man trying to start over). life as a telemarketing attendant). Well, they took all my documents, did medical tests (there was no blood collection). I received a form to open the salary account and would be called in 15 days for training.

It was Mara, my wife, I'm getting injured, she realized that they did not call me and on the eighteenth day I went there to challenge the reason for not being called, and she (the clerk), until then smiling, changed the features of her face and her colleague tried to continue the conversation with her. Shut the fuck up, I'm a problem, a problem here and called no-one-who-who-turned-in, gave me all the papers and said that as soon as "things were normalized" they would call me.

Never. Certainly, a son of a holy mother, a corrupt official of some organ, provides this information and I am a doubly marked man.

Marked for maybe dying from AIDS, or under the wheels of metro station here in Santana, which is a five minute bus ride from home. I've already thought about getting Mara's car, getting out and going, faster and faster, with no consideration for the brakes, so that anyone would crash me into a wall at any turn. Mara set up grilles on the windows, I live on the eighth floor, gentlemen, this Mara was wise and I gave up the design of the car, so as not to cause a doubly hard loss to her, and certainly marked, as socially dead.

Dead in life. Yes, yes, there is life with HIV! The disease is chronic! But it's definitely not easy…

This is part of my medical history. Put another person living with HIV or AIDS here and you will see another novel


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