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seropositiveOn this first day of August, Seropositivo.Org will complete 16 years of existence.

During this time helping people to take care of themselves and prevent them from contracting HIV or, at least, seeing that it is possible to live with HIV, debunks any prejudice that exists around people living with AIDS.

It is very hypocritical society that says do not discriminate against a patient's particular condition and, as she says it makes admission examinations with testings for HIV, which is forbidden, often without even the candidate for the job to know that. It is disturbing to know that these same men and women who call themselves the vanguard of society, generating jobs and incomes, posing as people of principle (sic) deny employment to people with HIV and innumerable times, even the advise of serology, leaving the sound of bugles, which can not be good ...

Unfortunately this society is that I live and work 16 years has not conferred upon this site and to me personally the reliability needed for assistance.

Sixteen years running a site with my own material resources, which are meager and inconstant, have not earned me the credit of this society which I serve almost anonymously and all this is exasperating.

I tried including crowdfunding twice, and twice received the guy that "my project did not fit." I was so discouraged by this that never looked for this "pharmacopoeia".

In the last "attempt" I created a petition in AVAAZ, with the purpose of obtaining ten thousand signatures to use as a means of "social pressure" in the desire to obtain public funding; a month later I did not have a hundred signatures ...

In a rare moment of happiness got the sympathy of the company that manages the WordPress system and they gave me, the Business Plan, three years of free hosting and left the door open to that if I want to continue the work, look for ... Maybe they me Give me another year, maybe more, maybe less, maybe they do not give anything, I do not know.

But the real help point of view this was the only major gesture in support of this site and I put at the end of the text conversation I had with a young woman whose name is almost nothing suggestive: "Krista".

Turning to the facts, where then will find a worthy place in society, so that I can continue this work while you have life?

I'm afraid the answer is "nowhere"

I'll have to continue taking the necessary resources to maintain this site of my earnings (when I) and it is overwhelming.

I will not go into the details of my costs, not least because it does not do any good, would not change anything and would not improve anything under any circumstances.

When I was asked 9 year-site help.

When I turned ten I asked one relief once

Now, I'm sixteen and I'm sorry ... I'm sorry for bothering you with this, this site, which only deals with things that will never happen to you, let alone with someone who, by chance or misfortune, I no longer know, you love.

Sorry for this outburst, but I would not be human to save it for me for another year.

This is the savior dialogue

The miracle of Krista

→ Hello! @

→ My name is Claudio

Krista S .: Hello!

Krista S .: How may I help?

→ Hi Krista

→ I believe is in november que que I need to renew my plan, and I`d like to know if i could get some discount, in funcion of black friday to give one step above in my plan, changing to the one que costs 299USD

→ I`ll need more space and the best solution is que

→ But I`ma person living with HIV and the prejudce doesn`t allow me to get a regular job

Krista S .: I'm very sorry to hear that.

→ I live with HIV since 1995. This is not a trouble

→ the trouble is the disctimination

→ my site in wordpress treats about HIV / AIDS spreading

→ It exists since 2000

→ first of august

→ I never get support to keep it

Krista S .: That's a fantastic accomplishment, to be blogging for such a long period of time!

→ :)

→ You may see it

→ go to the whois and check the frmae time of the register of

Krista S .: Wow! While I am not able to read Portuguese, I can tell That You Have put a lot of work into your site!

→ :)

→ not is with almost 500 pages

Krista S .: It is amazing!

→ look at this

→ reaaly I would like to receive support of someone

→ but this is just a dream in August

Krista S .: One moment - I'm doing a little bit of investigation.

→ Investigation?

Krista S .: I'm checking into the upgrades on your blog.

Okay →

Krista S .: I am going to change your subscription from your current Premium plan to the Business plan, at no additional charge.


→ Why?

→ And When passe the time to renew it?

Krista S .: Earlier in our chat, you had asked me for a discount. I feel like I can Provide que for you now.

→ Thats is surprisingly

→ Thank you so much

→ Krista is something related to Jesus Crist?

Krista S .: Oh, no. (I.e.

Because you act like him

Krista S .: That is a very kind comparison but no, I'm just a person. (I.e.

→ In the team que I have to renew I`ll pay 199 or it will keep on as you are making now?

→ A very good person

→ Is the kind of person rarely

Krista S .: I will extend the upgrade until May 13th, 2018. If at que team you wish to renew, please contact us at que team.

→ In the future, may I mention this talk?

→ chat?

Krista S .: Yes, of course. I've cleared it with my leader.

Okay →


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