I lived a life without guilt! And when the bomb exploded! Well, I'm here ....

I have accompanied with redoubled interest what happens on the page "Immune window, the facts". And what I see is quite disturbing, for I see an endless number of men of all sexual orientations, full of doubts, fears, fears, crises of endless anxieties for, often, almost nothing. I always refer to the guy's case, he's a guy, who said "I've had oral sex for a second" (and I repeat: I felt sorry for this girl, when she saw that the party was about to start, was very worried about the risk of contracting HIV. In fact, he was at risk of contracting, with a greater likelihood of other sexually transmitted diseases, such as herpes, if the girl were in a still incipient crisis where neither she would know to be in crisis or, worse, an HPV infection and God could, and only he, know what strain he contracted. I remember having contracted HPV and had a very ugly wart on the body of the penis, and that "a friend" brought "a compound" that would "burn the wart" and, in fact, that was what happened. But the smell ...

Well, I do not want to make an apology for sex mad, but my father who gave me nothing, not even education, taught me, on the death of my grandmother to die, just to be alive .... And he, as much as it costs me to give him some credit (I had during all my life, since I left home, twelve, a long history, which will be told in my book, to be released in December) He's right!

And that's not all. To become seriously ill, as the father of an old girlfriend, just face a flood in the city of São Paulo and inadvertently contacting leptospirosis, serious disease, which can kill in a matter of days and then? Capri mon cher! C'est fini! (It is finished, my beloved Capri!). We'll be dead in one way or another, whether we like it or not, as God wants, when God willing, in the circumstances determined by God, according to His understanding and His Wisdom.

See, I'm not saying you have sex without a condom. On the contrary, a condom is essential item Dans le sac à la main de la Dame et la poche de chemise de "gentleman", parce le jour peut toujours être propice et il serait dommage de le perdre par manque d'une chemise de Venus ... (In stock Miss and Gentleman shirt pocket, for the day it can always be suitable and would be a shame to lose it for lack of a Venus shirt ...).

Because I insist: Your life is worth more than a transaction, even if the transaction is with Own Venus, who I am a defaulting debtor, but eternally grateful!

Always have a condom handy and avoid risky behavior. It has an ad that says: If you drink, do not drive! I edit: If you are going to have sex, do not drink! And if you drink, do not trance!


They live their lives in order to be happy. Know a person and if they feel that, by mutual agreement, they want to fuck, fuck, fuck or make love, it is with a condom.

And if one day the thing become serious, do together, testing for HIV and start to be accomplices of one another, as a friend, Amaryllis, Who contracted HIV from her husband, after having had the resignation of Spirit, Loyalty and understanding to say:

Girls having fun
I see no harm in that, and not put the other "kind of couple" because these photos has a price and it's hard to keep it my bolsode Gloriosa Understanding to say to her husband:
What's wrong or vernhoso that?
What's wrong or shameful about it?

Love, if you do something out of the house with another woman, I do not care as long as you use a condom. And grandiosíssimo motherfucker was not able to observe this "basic rule of thumb" of coexistence, contracted HIV as soy happen and transmitted to his wife.

Unfortunately, despite a very good CD4 count above 800 (immune normal adult human ranges from the 500 1200 CD4 cells per milliliter of blood) and this did not prevent her develop a LymphomaAnd I discovered this as follows:

Was spending a long weekend in Santos and sat right there, by the sea, the "end-start" Channel Two when I remembered it and thought about messing with her face. My intention was to say, "and then teacher (she was pedagogue), facing very little devil? Because I'm on the beach! "

Only who answered the phone was her brother and he grieved (luckily I did the joke before hearing her voice) that her condition was critical and that it was "a matter of days, maybe hours" ...

And she was supercute, she had contacted me that she had literally done the asepsis at home, laying nets to prevent the invasion of small insects, eventual vectors of diseases, and yet died, with a definable picture as AIDS, victim of an opportunistic illness that did not have to wait for the CD4 count to drop.

I, in my last two counts I had 1166 and 940. APARENTLY I'm safe. Only not! It can happen to me, if God wills it, the same thing that happened to Amaryllis (It's a link, opens in another tab and tells the story of her to where she can see and what it can not predict).

Life. I am not a doctor; but we discuss as equals, if necessary, with my doctor, and showed her that the use of statins was advantageous (it is here on the site) for HIV-positive people and she gave me the recipe.

Silhouette of two men kissing gay at the river with reflection at sunset
Silhouette of two men kissing gay at the river with reflection at sunset

Life, I've been learning since I started living with HIV, and more focused sixteen years ago, when I started this site. It is an endless succession of miracles, everything competes for it to be extinguished. Think of your heart: It's a muscle. Take two 4KG weights and put one in each hand and do three sets of fifteen withdrawals and you'll find that your muscles start to burn, burn to shake and weaken, and a lot of people do not complete the third series of 15; your heart does not enjoy this privilege. He does not have the right to get tired because even if you are sleeping (unless you are a Ninja) your heart will have to be beating, tum-tum, tum-tum once a second.

And the brain? The brain processes what happened that Friday charming fair that I should have known, was the harbinger of the end (something so beautiful can not last ... would generate a lot of jealousy, a lot of hatred, I know, and it would be extinguished, whether it was on the bullet whether it was in garrafada and tries to get rid of that irreparable loss the day before yesterday, transfused in emotional pain today, complete with embargoed tear and design nightmares, dreams, flashbacks, happy moments, that day when you were in private prison being tortured to confess what not made, based on circumstantial evidence all (I confess that I lived!) and look expunge this religious guilt, these Pharisees of now use to vilify the name of Christ and of God while serving Mammon (opens on another tab) the son of a famous pastor of one of these Big Churches, with soup in the door, only managed to get out of Love Story when he was still in Major Sertório, because his father sent the lawyer there to pass the card. They say ... notice, I say, they say, that the account went from fifty thousand reais some fifteen years ago.

When God created sex and sexual energy, the genomic forces to ensure the existence of the material world, which is essential for the evolution of the mind and therefore is is the the driving forces of the Universe and in their function, must be necessarily fabulous! Rubem Alves says that life is an "aesthetic entity," and that nothing worth the beeps and hums of the machines trying to prevent the inevitable; dead the ability to appreciate what is love and what is beautiful, life has ceased. Not quite what he writes, but the idea is this. If you stop living just because you are afraid of dying, "you are alread dead, "you're already dead.


I'm here, in the fifteenth edition of this text, are 02: 08 and I started this before the end of such "Freedom, Freedom!" And it's free, because I have no income that. The advertising income of the past month was $ 2,00 ... A bocadito the bad ...

I do it I do not even know why I think it's love, sometimes I think it's addiction ... I know is that I am alive and need to produce or die of boredom

What I mean is that you have, yes, the right to take care, to use all necessary precautions, however, to experience pleasure and ecstasy we deserve to feel, time and again, we have to take some risk, though minimal! For ... gives life, only it takes what was done and therefore it is good to be well done

And ... then do not enter the exam paranoia be wrong. I remember someone after I have used every conceivable argument (had a seborrheic dermatitis on the face of crisis (stress) he blocked, but not before saying:


I thought, if Danou! And I do not doubt! He based this belief, it will behave recklessly and, believing be in "Vendetta vita and South sulla mondo " | Revenge against life and the world, he will be running the risk of becoming infected while believed to be infecting ... What a pity.

There was another, this completely crazy among his psychotic delusions, he told me that he has an aunt who lives processing companies, all well .... and finally, she concluded in a fantastic transportation, I was like her aunt and that I wanted to "get her to say something" that would allow me to process it! (It's every Mad @)

Anyway, do as the text of the title suggests:

Une vie sans péché, par nous avons voté pour être heureux!

Or, in good Portuguese:

Living a life without guilt, because we are voted to be happy!

Yes, this is the photo of me! My niece asked me to put this picture on my profile! .... I had here a description of me that one person described as "irreverent". This is really a euphemistic way of classifying what was here. All I know is that an "NGO" which occupies a building of 10 floors has established a partnership with me, and I have the logs of the partnership time, which was more a vampirism because for each 150 people leaving my site, clicking on them, there was, on average, one that came in. WHEN I ENTERED AND ENTERED


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