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Public meeting of 11-12-61 1ª Part, chap. I, item 5

tearBecause there are pains in the necessary uplifting of life, there are those who uphold the denial track. Even now, many scientists and religious entrenched in affirmative absurd, seem interested in anteporem to God himself.

reasoning giants build machines that invest outer space, in bold challenges, to say that life is supposedly omnipotent matter, while thousands of proclaimers of faith raise theological chains, trying to seize the human mind to the fanaticism of the post.


In the area of ​​such conflicts, man suffers the impact of incessant moral crises. But do not get caught up in the labyrinth. The world is created, but not finished. From end to end of the earth vibrates, hotly, the forge of evolution. Problems solved open up new problems.

open horizons unveil broader horizons.

two suns

And in the arena of immense struggle, the spirit is the masterpiece of the universe, in hard chipping. The Creator does not live outside the Criação. The human being, however, still infinitely distant from the Light Total, can be compared to the learner limited to school years. Each civilization is valuable course of experiences and every individual, according to justice, must structure their own greatness, andxaminando free will to the Divine Law provides us consider that we ourselves, which we are imperfect, does not shy away with impunity, each other, the freedom to learn and perform.

what-are-family.htmlResponsible parents, not locking up the children exclusively affection urns, with the excuse of love.

honest teachers, do not take the place of the disciple, offering her privileges, the title of tenderness.

Well qualified doctors, we do not exonerate the patient from the risky processes of surgery, on the pretext of compassion.

Welcomes, therefore, the picture of the harrowing ordeals in which you find yourself, as the greatest opportunity for growth and increase the Infinite Goodness, for now, you can give.

Does not matter you materialism to dement in the own chaos.


You know that man is not rootless plant, or boat matroca.

Those who deny the Cause of Causes, readjust, beyond the grave, vision and understanding, emotion and concept.

While you observe the way disturbance and suffering, by way of dust and scrap prodigious workshop, reassures you and waiting, because, learning and serving, you will feel yourself in the presence of the Father.


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