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Immunologic Window and Oral Sex -

Hello Mauricio, I'm sorry for the delay in answering your question, please. I justify this, such a delay, in the fact that "Cortana" has assumed that I am not myself and I have a life struggle or

Transmission of HIV by oral sex. 1 case proven in 35 years
The first confirmed case of HIV transmission during a lesbian relationship was reported on Thursday by US federal health officials, who said the case is extremely rare but advised lesbian couples to take precautions when one of the partners is infected. Genetic testing showed that the viruses in both women were more than 15% identical, proving that one infected the other

death with her for more than 12 hours.

Get to the point.

Ignoring a problem does not improve things ... and quite the contrary, and speaking specifically to HIV testing, this makes things complicate gradually and slowly for you and for the people "around."

If not, let's see:

  1. If you were able to have unprotected sex in times of HIV and Zika while having access to the Internet I can not doubt that you will not do even today the same thing with another person and, if you have contracted HIV you are in a time of high ability to infect others.
  2. If you keep this pattern you can infect, if you are not a "bad boy" four girls who, crazy like you, will leave, at five, tresloucada and unawares infect, each one of them 25 more people and I do not need to continue with this reasoning because anyone can understand the concept of GEOMETRIC PROGRESSION… Read on Wikipedia the Theory of six degrees and see how easy it is to see that "danger dwells near".
  3. There is also the risk of you reinfect with another strain of the virus and it is not impossible that this new strain is resistant to one, some, or almost all antiretroviral drugs, which sooner or later will lead you to a rather complicated situation.
  4. There are people who snared in people soulless and heartless, grandessíssimos scoundrels, who self titled "carimbadores" and you may have contracted a strain of the virus resistant to many drugs and your life can be complicated too much about it, especially if you leave the high tide
  5. You can contract other STDs and there is an emerging outbreak gonorrhea resistant virtually all antibiotics (ever had gonorrhea know how burns when it will piss - Portuguese course - I know and burns Pacas and, what is worse, you feel like a pissing 50 times a day
  6. When I was diagnosed, in the storm that rose against me, I still remember a doctor, cold as an iceberg, informing me that we humans, HIV-infected, untreated lose, on average, 80 the 90 cells with the CD receiver / milliliter of blood / milliliter of blood and you have a broad and wide time window for esparzir HIV around the world simply because "fear"; Here I give you a traulitada: At the time of the transaction did not fear it? Please do the test, it's the least you can expect from you to you and you to the world !.
  7. Although CD4 count falls slowly, some diseases do not need a low immunity to manifest and I lost a wonderful friend, a unique person, because of a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, that when expressed took this world in less than 15 days for our full and complete bewilderment! And you, as I, are subject to it. In short, every person living with HIV is actually with Sword of Damocles in the head and I apologize to all the people already living with HIV who eventually read it, but I have a great friend, Bob VolpeThat if I'm not mistaken (I've lost count) developed at least that 18 surgeries, always to treat a complication arising from late diagnosis of HIV infection.
  8. Question: What if you get pregnant one and / healthcare professional that meet not follow the protocol (it always happens) and not ask for testing, serology, what will? A mother seropositive with an HIV-positive baby ...
  9. I need to continue?

Then, my man, take the exams, in the immunological window of thirty and sixty days. And, see: From now on, you fuck (Mara does not like this word ... Make love ... rs, rs )Only with condoms.

Click the expression oral sex: What is the risk?

And it will lead you to your other doubt ...

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  1. The best thing is to remove the doubt. For if even contracted will treat early. Decrease the reservoirs and then have a long life so dear cure and / or better drugs arrive. And if contracted will not be able to live without this ghost in the head. Hug stay with God.

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