The Condom and the Information, together, are better than the PrEP, although Life with HIV


espelhoAll production has foundations in the unit. The machines that are standardized for this or that kind of work, even if they appear together, are devices that individuam distinctly.

The trees, although they reveal the kind of characteristics that are affiliated, have their own existence. Students of an educational institution share the same lessons in class that fit; however, react in a particular way before the study, and are classified with different notes.

if cataloging-sick in a hospital, according to the symptoms they present; however, each requires certain form and have your problem solved at the moment.

Arise machines and is built workshop. Repontam trees and hollyhock to forest. They congregate apprentices and up to school. Line up patients and nursing home appears.

We use, however, the similar images to highlight what the hell, considered by lower location or torture resort, after death, begins each and communicates personally to frenzied spirit haggard spirit.

There would be no prison if there were criminal.

We note also that if medical science in the world charitably raises the madhouse, to help the madness, Divine Providence allows colonization of bestialized beings, beyond the grave, in specific regions of space for limitation and treatment of mental calamities that They protruded or have earned.

Thus, none of us forget the action and reaction law. This is because the lack, it depends on us, comes before, and the sanatorium that corrects comes later.

Personally Public meeting of 12-6-61 1ª Party cap. VII, § 13

Psychographic by Chico Xaviar, dictated by Emmanuel

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