If you use Kaletra, there is a good reason for you to look packaging it and see the lot number

Anvisa suspends sale of drug batch to treat HIV

Two lots of Kaletra drug, used to treat HIV infection, had the import, distribution and sales suspended by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).
The determination goes for lots 1042956 and 1055165 100 of Kaletra milligrams.

It is a complex situation and, although I do not know if there is a risk of shortage, I suggest you verificasse the batch number and, if necessary, return to the place where you take the medication and ask the exchange.

Just in case (most of the time we who are in treatment, we know of things more than they, those who "take care" of us), I advise you to print this article or light page address to the health professional may know that the issue is serious and you may be taking an expired medicine.

The origin of this news and the Agency Brazil.

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