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There are spiritual guardians who support your existence on the physical plane and there are tutors of the soul who protect you life even on Earth.

Often centralizas attention on the powerful of the day, without seeing the anonymous companions to help you in bread warranty.

Admire the renowned artists who dominate in the press and posters easily forget the humble arms that help you to shape, in the very soul sanctuary, the masterpieces of hope and patience.

You applaud the heroes and tribunes who tower in the squares; however, you do not remember those who sustained you in your childhood, so that you can enjoy the opportunities that today congratulate you.

Hear, ecstatic, the biography of famous figures and almost never hotdog you to know the silent grandeur of many of those around you in the domestic intimacy invariably willing to extend you generosity and affection. *

Honors, yes, the waving of the pedestals that you won, deservedly, at the expense of intelligence and work; however, reveres also those who might speak nothing you and that too did and still do for you, often at the price of poignant sacrifices.


They are fathers and mothers who have kept you the cradle, teachers who have cleared your understanding, friends who guided you to the faith and brothers who taught you to trust and serve ...

flowersSeveral of them now lie in the rear, crushed and gray, experiencing agonized lack of affection or feeling the cold of the evening; some of them continue to be obscure and devoted, in support of the generations returning to the earthly line, while many others, although wrinkled and suffering, like Cyrenians of the way, carry the crosses of their fellows.

Do these unknown angels that hide in the armor of the flesh and, from time to time, anoint their hearts recognition and joy.

For this, they do not wish to transfigure in burdens on your shoulders.

Almost always, they expect from you, simply, light crumb of leftovers that you throw out the window or a phrase of encouragement, a prayer or a flower.


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