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"Jesus said to him," If I want him to stay until I come, what does it matter to you? Follow me. "- (JOHN, chapter 21, verse 22.)

In Christian work communities, we often see comrades who are highly concerned about the task conferred on other fighting brothers.

It is fair to examine, however, as it would increase the world each man take care of you, the common duties to perfection and sincerity.

Have any of our friends been summoned to different obligations? Let us comfort him with legitimate understanding.

Sometimes, it comes one of them modified to our gaze. There are co-workers who accused him. Many consider carrying dangerous temptations. Jogging comments and judgments in haste.

Who will enter the field of causes? Would we be in the lofty condition of one who can analyze an event from all angles? Perhaps what seems fall or defection may constitute new resolutions of Jesus regarding the redemption of the friend who now seems distant. The Good Shepherd remains vigilant. He promised that none of the sheep that the Father has entrusted to him will be lost.

We should thus heed to perfection the duties that have been granted. Everyone needs to know the obligations of its own. In this pattern of knowledge and attitude, there is always very noble work to do. If a brother seems diverted to your mortal eyes, make it possible to hear the words of Jesus the fisherman from Capernaum: "What do you care to you? Follow thou me.


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