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Report of the "advance" on British cure of HIV is premature

A note of Soropositivo.Org Editor.

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Yesterday, Sunday, 02 2016 October, after waking up and take my coffee, I saw that my mailbox had been buried emails asking me if I knew anything about the patient healing (s) AIDS patients.

kartmannI know well this exponenciativa spread of news where the Mornings of South Park publishes Eric Kartmann creates new form of cheating in school and, twelve hours later, the other side of the world The Hongkong Post announces, in bold letters:


Before thinking to answer I was to my sources, I I consider very serious, A few of them I've been following for the past ten years and saw nothing. Someone taught me to truly painful way that when in doubt, you must not exceed certain lines and remained silent.

But Brazilian surfed the web and got the bad feeling I have from time to time, it seems to be a turn or a fetish, to get a click at any cost; and the cost is based on "pay per click Google, for me all right, it's money they are spending and it is not mine, in this case, damn it. But not at this price, it is with cheap sensacionalisto currency which, in print it is called "yellow journalism"; And it seems to me that the click at any price does not care if the currency used will be evaluated is the costliest of all, even if this cost has to be calculated in loss of human lives, as I learned recently, each person is a world and when it dies can leave wife, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, perhaps a second family at the other end of the airlift (...) etc.

I like to give good news, but with each passing week, every month progresses, each promising study I publish and results in nothing, I become more and more conservative, more selective, because when talking in HIV, AIDS and HEALINGYou may be determining destinations in directions the directions that would not be taken if I had been more prudentAs I was yesterday. I prefer to keep reliability and respect to those who come here often with painfully heavy heart getting me a disappointment often dismaying to "gild" a pill and lead toward the avoidable suffering, a group of people who do not always have the insight to think that even there, can take years and years to be available for more than thirty million people like this that I will show below, which has an emergency need for new therapies that we who are under ART, with our controlled viral loads and our CD4 counts in good conditions or medians. I believe that people, as I show below, has strict priority over us ... well, we can expect, and certainly will be those who will be very near the end of the line

to-remember always A child, an orphan reportedly HIV positive in an orphanage near Chennai, near Madras, India abandoned by his family

If someone from another site come here and read this, my humble receive this message seriously, because we are all the same distance from death

Claudio Souza

Now Article


EnglandThe Sunday Timesyesterday reportedThat HIV had become undetectable in the blood of a man after taking part in the study called RIVER, It is a studyfor an intensive treatment regimen developed fortest it is possible to reduce the levels of HIV-infected cells in the bodies of people newly infected with HIV. The researchers hope the treatmentcan come to eradicate HIV infection completely.

The Sunday Timesreported that British scientists are to "verge of a cure of HIV infection". In fact, the study is still in its early stages and will not be able to describe the participants as "cured" until an extensive follow-up takes place and is brought to term. Professor Sarah Fidler of Imperial College researcher, London, saidThe Sunday Times that participants in the study will be followed for five years. (Editor's note. This study, for example, already exceeds the vaunted forecast, in that video, a five-minute overproduction, promising cure for 2020.)

About the study RIVER

The study:RIVER is an acronym for 'Research in Viral Eradication of HIV Reservoirs' *** Research on the possible eradication of HIV reservoirs *** -on free translation. The study is being conducted by collaboration "the CHERUB Collaboration " a consortium of research teams at Imperial College and King's College London, Oxford University and Cambridge University, funded by NHSNational Institute for Health Research.

The study is recruiting people who were infected with HIV in the previous six months - who are known to be "primary infection" which in this case may have less body cells infected at this time and, in theory, this group of people can be more conducive to the complete eradication of HIV or stop antiretroviral therapy without causing a resumption of viral load levels of HIV.

Study participants received a combination of four antiretroviral drugs that includes RaltegravirThat is included because it can reduce HIV levels in the blood more rapidly than other antiretroviral drugs. The aggressive anti-retroviral treatment was initiated during primary infection has been shown to be efficient in order to allow the treatment to be stopped completely without viral rebound in about 15% of people in a study of French cohort calledVISCONTI.

HIV-budding-ColorAfter 22 weeks of antiretroviral treatment, study participants are randomly selected to continue receiving antiretroviral therapy with four drugs scheme alone or to receive antiretroviral regimen plus a vaccination designed to enhance the immune response of infected cells by HIV . Participants in this study also receive doses ten of vorinostat, a drug that activates cells infected with HIV in those sites known as hidden reservoirs where HIV remains inactive and therefore invisible to the immune system.

The experimental scheme is effective, Vorinostat to "shoot" the mechanism of cells infected with latent HIV to produce HIV. The outbreak of the virus in production as a direct result of the activation is suppressed by combination of highly effective antiretroviral drugs. Infected cells must be discovered by the immune system and vaccination should improve the ability of the immune system to seek out and kill infected cells. This strategy, known for some time, as "kick and kill"Uses ten applications to vorinostat over 28 days - it was designed to "Wash the infected cells and kill them", Leaving little or no HIV DNA in the remaining body.

cd4ccr5_8009891971_oThe study is designed to test whether the approach effectively reduces levels of HIV DNA in human cells, or even completely excising the infection. The study is measuring the levels of HIV DNA in 40ª and 42ª week after initiation of treatment, but it is not a test verifying whether the treatment can be completely stopped after 42 weeks.

The study RIVERVisarecruit52 people diagnosed with primary HIV infection.The recruitment takes place in clinics at London and Brighton.

What the study reported?

The Sunday Timesreported that a participant in the study had non-detectable levels of HIV after completing the study design.

This participant continues on antiretroviral therapy (ART).

this participant It was not cured of HIV infection at this point:the prolonged follow-up is needed to determine whether the virus was eradicated entirely by the experimental treatment.

Professor Sarah Fidler of Imperial College, London, saidThe Sunday Times"We will continue medical tests for the next five years and at the moment we are not recommending the suspension of ART, but in the future (five years ahead, reinforces Soropositivo.Org editor) depending on the test results perhaps we can explore this step"

The RIVER study should not have complete tests on all participants to December 2017, As soon as possible, so that the study results will be available and likely to be reported in the first half of 2018. In this phase, researchers will be able to tell whether or not the elimination of all traces of HIV in the DNA of participants in the experimental scheme. But the true test of an eradication scheme has to be done to see what happens when the treatment is stopped.

berlin-patient-Timothy Ray-Brown

To date, the only person that It seems to have been cured of HIV infectionIt isTimothy Ray Brown,the much talked about! "Berlin patient who lost all evidence of HIV infection after a bone marrow transplant. A more recent study similar marrow transplant recipients with HIV(To be translated) identified that people who had undetectable viral load and undetectable HIV DNA in their cells have, however, experienced viral rebound after treatment is discontinued- at times after a long interval. A long-term monitoring will be essential for those who watch what happens when you stop the treatment, in order to determine whether HIV was truly eradicated from the body. [Editor's note: in my modest understanding, with over fifteen years of reading, translating and accompanying studies, it may be necessary to follow and monitor the health of these people for the rest of their lives to come, who knows (???) any conclusions that can be taken as a definitive science, second tell me the doctors who have attended to me over the past 22 years, nothing is one hundred percent reliable ...}]

If participants stopped taking it after the end of the study, assuming that the system will be successfulthe evaluation of demonstration that will benchmark the DNA of HIV are undetectableIt will be a matter of discussion between researchers and study participants and will depend on the best information available at that time on the consequences of stopping treatment. In other words, it is too premature a report or a headline speaking in a breakthrough toward healing and who then say, headlines talking about HIV CURE.

Translated literally a matter of urgency by Claudio Souza, The originalMedia reports of the British HIV cure 'breakthrough' are prematureWritten by Keith Alcorn and reviewed by Mara Macedo

For those who get here and want a little more realism, I invite you to click the below link and you will see that, somehow, to this day, since 1996 when did the combination therapy with three drugs, one being another inhibited protease, scientists say that since then, virtually little and almost nothing has changed since then

Reprinted on Tuesday made 04 October 2016

Originally published and simultaneously: 03 2016 October by aidsmap (original source in English) and Soropositivo.Org in its Portuguese version of Brasil

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