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"I thought it would be an Urban Legend," said Dr. attacked with a syringe


The yellow arrow points to the location of drilling

The Peruvian said that she was attacked when she approached Avenida Paulista. She is doing prophylaxis for HIV.

The doctor was beaten with a needle when she was walking near Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo; The Peruvian doctor said that she imagined that these reports would be urban legends and was perplexed by what happened. He is undergoing PEP, post exposure prophylaxis and is suffering sadly, as the remedies have side effects that are difficult to bear. This causes me, the publisher of this site, to think about people and perhaps to rethink their sexual and / or affective lives. In the case of the Peruvian doctor, however, it is hard to believe that he may have been infected and there is, in her speech, a doctor, the claim that HIV would survive for about an hour outside the human environment. His survival is three minutes, at most five, and this can serve as a consolation, given the fact that a person who I attended for WhatsApp told me that there in Divinópolis, in the interior of Minas Gerais, the doctor did not even know the what is window period (…).
"We think that this is an urban legend and when it happens, we get shaken, frightened by this evil action."
A sting every 4 weeks? Well, lo and behold! And to think I've ever tomi 28 tablets daily ...

A bite every 4 weeks? But lo and behold! And to think I've taken 28 pills a day ...

That was the way a Peruvian doctor found to define the feeling experienced by her after being attacked by a man whojabbed the needle of a syringe on his back (the link opens in another window on another site) on Wednesday (October 22), near the corner of the avenues and Pamplona Paulista, central region of São Paulo.
She only realized that he had received a possible needled to see another woman on the same sidewalk be hit too, moments after skewer it.
"Suddenly, I felt a pressure on the back, like the tip of a pen. I turned and thought it would be an acquaintance calling my attention, playing. It was when I saw passing me by a tall, thin, dark, 40 years, green sweatshirt with white stripes. He kept walking to the corner of Pamplona with the Paulista and then I saw him take a syringe sleeve and stick another girl. "
The doctor claims to have talked to the other possible victim, but they separated afterwards. "I ran to reach the girl and he crossed Paulista Avenue. We lose sight of him. I asked the girl, who was injured on the butt, if she had been assaulted. She said she would walk into the mall to see if she had ever been injured. We separated there. "Because of the incident and the risks he could pose, the doctor started taking antiretroviral medication.
"I went to a hospital nearby and they recommended going to the Emilio Ribas Hospital, where applicable the PEP [acronym designating postexposure prophylaxis]. They gave me medication for seven days and seek STD center [Sexually Transmitted Diseases] for the first serology control. I took the medication 28 days and am taking, "said the doctor.
She toldG1who auditioned several serology testing for some STDs and they resulted as nonreactive.
"These tests serve to show whether I've had these infections before the attack, would not give to know if I would've been infected because the window period is 30 days and only after making the PEP is that I will start by waiting to know if I was infected at that time. I will have to make other periodic examinations for a year. "[A note of Soropositivo.Org Editor: I do not know how the monitoring of infectious diseases such as HIV in Peru, but in Brazil the window period is 30 days to 99% of the people and the 1 percent remaining is to 60 days. What caused me "species in writing" is not mentioned a test for Hepatitis C, more contagious than HIV, whose etiological agent, HCV, can survive, for example, a glass ink of a tatuador for up to eight days! I have one or two contacts in Emilio Ribas and I will try better to know about it and when I have this information in hand, if I have them, I update this article].
As says G1, according her (it seems to me that the G1 not want to commit to information that certainly has no expertise for this):
"The HIV virus live outside the body for up to an hour, but it is very difficult transmission by such a rapid drilling. [I made slight mention of this in the previous paragraph but should be informed that the installation (sic) full of HIV depends on a number of factors which many viral RNA copies would be that needle and thinking more deeply, he would have to inject the blood contaminated and thereafter to the "second stroke" should be preceded by a "new charge of blood with a high concentration of HIV in the blood, or would require blood or blood plasma in the syringe with a high viral load" !.
As we will never know, I believe, where it is and what happened to the girl who received the second prick in the buttocks, it will be difficult to come to a conclusion about it. In addition, we do not know if the doctor of Peruvian origin would have been "1" victim of these attacks I come to think that those who perpetrate these attacks may be suffering from some psychiatric problem = or even a posttraumatic stress disorder (receive this diagnosis not a good experience) and try to assess whether he had a criminal intent - long for me to excuse or justify such a procedure and, if he is suffering from mental problems, needs psychiatric support, therapy and isolation from society in psychiatric clinic until he can, RECEIVING DINO AND HUMANIZED TREATMENT, recover from the diagnosis (I am throwing an illation, all this can be a mistake of mine) to be able to return to life. The doctor goes on calmly:
"I do not know what was in that syringe, it had some fluid. I was punctured by a syringe with unknown content. Care is protocol, care were basic protocol for contact with biological, natural agents. "

The doctor says he felt it would be better to change your daily routine for fear of leaving home. (We, the cidadães well, fear hostages, trapped in our homes)

In fact, it was a stress. I am quiet from the standpoint of physical health, the only thing that bothers me is taking a medication that is very strong and has many side effects. It was an event that really changed my routine, I had to go to a police station, the IML, do blood tests. It stirred my confidence going out, too pay more attention to my surroundings, I'm shaken because not expected, was dumbfounded, so I did not react and did not think to call the police in time. "
This is an invitation to reflection for people who think they are living in an aseptic environment and ignore, and it gets to be little uncomfortable for us, people living with HIV. What is interesting is to bring to light this statement: "strong remedies, unpleasant side effects, blah blah blah ... and cause us to see things as certain aliennados like I'm going down colr
Some messages do not necessarily lead to reading an article and, unfortunately, can lead to conclusions with disastrous consequêncas

Some messages do not lead drawn according to the reading of an article and, unfortunately, can lead to conclusions with disastrous consequences

We who live with AIDS, we will have if we want to live, take this medicine ad infinitum and I call you, any entrepreneur / a who might be reading this article, it would not be a good step in the initiation of an inclusive criteria of HIV-positive people or people living with AIDS (both naturally linked and simultaneously diffuse) to have "some space, with dedida privacies "is creating (and why not?), a bank of hours where the seropositive employee who not score should satisfaction with any other employee and only and only to the employer and the HR sector, which should remain silently free and watertight, with questions that any employee could make to HR, giving lightweight malleability of time or even the Home Office (I'm editing this text in the metro, north-south line and just come in santana, where I go down ). Now, back home, I'm in my notebook, but I worked dote this text in a SmartPhone ASUS 2 Gold, a mobile version of Word (perceives as a doete person of AIDS with Peripheral Neuropathy a result of living with HIV for, since, 22 years, which only allows me to type with the forefingers Medical care
According to the Institute of Infectious Diseases Emilio Ribas, "all directions were given and appropriate procedures were taken" in relation to the patient. According to the institute, "such cases are rare" and their "risk for transmission of infectious diseases are considered minimal."
The G1 also informed that a user of Facebook reported the episode, she said, it would have occurred with a friend who is a doctor. She claims that around 17h, both walked down the avenue when a man injected a needle in the back of the woman.
"She felt a pressure on the back, but did not realize he had been stuck with a needle. The man calmly went to his side, hiding the material and in front pierced the girl who was walking in front of her on the butt, "he wrote.
Adapted to the language of who knows what living with HIV, with G1no Information Item Glauco Araújo 'I thought that was urban legend, "says medical attacked needle in SP
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