I am HIV positive

I am HIV positive. Amarilis: "At such an hour of account"

At such time to tell that I am HIV positive, by Amarilis, In Memorian

Before you read, I wanted to tell you two chronologically connected "events" and something very important about what you will read now. This text of Amarilis still exists because I read it on another site that no longer existemais because it was, in fact, a commercial venture.

And this venture ended up making water and sinking, not like a Sunday morning to raise funds for it.

Think about it, I need donations. But let's get back to the point ....

Old Times. I was recording a party at the already closed and almost forgotten "Paris Club" and, I believe, I did not know, yet, that I am HIV positive

I read the text and decided to republish it, but for this I found in contact with Amarilis, a codinme that she has smeared for herself and I will never tell what her real name is.

She wrote me back allowing republishing.

I'm HIV positive, she said.

And it was over, it was so long ago, because we became friends and I still lived in Piracicaba.

And I will tell you about the reasons why you were forced to leave Sampa.

And we changed the phone and called when we could.

I am HIV positive is the phrase that can end a relationship

And so I discovered that she had a gesture of love and dignity so great, that I have not yet seen the same:

She gave the husband, knowing the nature of the "men", the freedom to do whatever he wished, out of the house (...) as long as he took care of himself and used a condom.

Well, this great rascal was not able to do that and you can read the story with a better insight than you would have without this information.

Seropositive.Org Needs Help

Stay with Amaryllis, she's the big star this story

My story is simple and commonplace. I was infected by my ex-husband for eight years. I am asymptomatic and only discovered the virus in 1999.

The separation happened in 1992.

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Since then, I have never seen him again, even though we have had no children.

I knew he'd been circling me around 1994, but, I guess, he did not dare to get close. I believe that was when you discovered your seropositivity.

Later, I received a wink indirect, through a friend who met him casually in the street, so I took a HIV test.

I wish he had told me before, because then I might be treating me for the longest time.

Work in education and, three years ago, I decided to write a book about AIDS prevention, to children in preschool; playful, simple, childlike language.

Always putting me in the carrier position. HIV positive person

I researched, read, studied a lot on the subject and wrote the story always thinking I'm HIV positive, it was just a mental exercise ... .. I was already and did not know ....

I took the greatest care and all the writing as not to leave any "misinterpretation", the idea of ​​prejudice or discrimination, always valuing solidarity and citizenship. The book is pedagogically reviewed and approved, and by that time, I made a simple surgery. It was discovered when my serology, ironically.

My work had appeared in my life to prepare myself for my own reality as the person I am, seropositito

It seems that my work had appeared in my life to prepare me for my own reality.

After my separation, my sexual relations were always safe.

But - pull! How difficult!

I met, a short time ago, a negative face ... and boooom!

Instant passion, and I knew it: I knew who in one way or another would arrive at such time to tell me that I am HIV positive

An immediate passion, a madness, a crazy desire to see, to be together, to touch, to listen, to all these things.

The relationship warmed up until it reached "such an hour of telling".

My world collapsed again when I discovered how the virus. It was my first love after HIV.

At the time, he agreed, said there was no problem, and all that bullshit, but with the passage of days, the distance between us was becoming more, not until we talked more.

Drug feeling of rejection.

And I'm here, alive, thank God, a year after the discovery, living the best possible. Asymptomatic, treatment and keep strictly my job very p / implement projects that have started, some educational, some of my personal life.


Trying to get me in time

No matter how much I choose, I can not situate the facts accurately, in time and space.

I remember that in 2003, maybe 2004 I was on a business day in Santos and wanted to tease her.

Well, I put on a pair of shorts, I was in Santos, a well-known city on the coast of the City of São Paulo.

I just wanted to tease her.

The idea was simple, that's all:

- "While you are there, working, hear this sea? Yeah, I'm on the beach. " Just wave, then start talking to her, as good friends that this text allowed ...

And her brother answered, with bad news.

We went back to São Paulo and the idea was that I would go back to sailing, but I was still the monster of the lake and I did not realize all this, and when I had enough strength to go see her, I called her brother and unfortunately she It's broken.

The Medical Error is unacceptable when I am HIV positive

Anyway, from what I still remember, maybe I did not like it when I saw it like this.

What scares me is that I saw that she had "double vision for almost a year and, God knows how, she traveled, guided, to speak to a doctor, a cursed patso that in front of a picture of these, did not remember ....

Why did not he ask for a damn MRI?

What killed her, was a non-hodkins lymphoma


Yes, this is the photo of me! My niece asked me to put this picture on my profile! .... I had here a description of me that one person described as "irreverent". This is really a euphemistic way of classifying what was here. All I know is that an "NGO" which occupies a building of 10 floors has established a partnership with me, and I have the logs of the partnership time, which was more a vampirism because for each 150 people leaving my site, clicking on them, there was, on average, one that came in. WHEN I ENTERED AND ENTERED


  1. She was married ... I met pessoalmentee she opened her relationship, saying, you may feel attracted to someone and you want to live something with this person. Alive! But use a condom. He did not use, it allowed the disease progressed over her body by 9 years, in vain all her efforts in maintaining an excellent adherence to drug therapy, personal and food hygiene, as well as screens on every window to keep mosquitoes, possible vectors disease, he was stricken with a non-hodgkin's lymphoma and after 15 days of anguish and agony, God granted him the deserved reposuso, she tiha 43 years and this was the 9 years ago. I have not rebooked me the loss of this friend

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