Fundamental Rights of HIV

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By the Brazilian Constitution, people with HIV, as well as any Brazilian citizen, rights and obligations are guaranteed. Among them: human dignity and access to public health and therefore are protected by law. Brazil has specific legislation of the most vulnerable to prejudice and discrimination, homosexuals, women, blacks, children, elderly, chronic infectious diseases and disabilities.

In 1989, health professionals and members of civil society, with the support of the Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, Declaration of Fundamental Rights of Persons of the AIDS Virus. The document was approved at the National Meeting of NGOs that work with AIDS (ENONG), in Porto Alegre (RS).

I - Everyone has the right to clear, accurate information about AIDS.

II - The virus carriers are entitled to specific information about their condition.

III - All those living with the AIDS virus have the right to care and treatment data without any restriction, ensuring their quality of life.

IV - No virus carrier is subjected to isolation, quarantine or any kind of discrimination.

V - No one has the right to restrict the freedom or the rights of people for the sole reason of being infected with HIV / AIDS, regardless of their race, nationality, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

white laceVI - Every carrier of the AIDS virus have the right to participate in all aspects of social life. Every action that aim to deny the HIV / AIDS a job, accommodation, assistance or to deprive them of it, or that tend to restrict their participation in collective, school and military activities should be considered discriminatory and be punishable by law.

VII - Everyone has the right to receive blood and blood products, tissues or organs that have been rigorously tested for HIV.

VIII - No one can refer to someone's illness, past or future, or the results of their tests for HIV / AIDS, without the consent of the person involved. The virus carrier's privacy must be guaranteed by all medical and welfare services.

IX - No one shall undergo compulsory HIV testing in any case. AIDS tests should be used exclusively for diagnostic purposes, transfusion and transplantation control, epidemiological studies and never any type of control of people or populations. In all test cases, interested parties should be informed. The results should be transmitted by a competent professional.

X - Every virus carrier has the right to communicate to people who just want their health condition and results of their tests.

XI - Every person with HIV / AIDS are entitled to the continuation of their civil, professional, sexual and affective. No action may restrict their full rights to citizenship.


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