Different people with HIV: And Any different cures for the Future

In: 2º half of 2016

Healing, for now, will perhaps be "Something personal"

Gus Cairns scans the horizon for a cure for HIV infection.

timothy ray Brown-The last time I wrote a review of research progress has been working towards a search for a cure for HIV (see a cure for all for the cure for all, HTU 203 e HTU 204) Was 2011, following the first documented cure someone with HIV.

Timothy Ray Brown, also known as the "patient", Berlin had apparently had no trace of active HIV infection removed from his body through a bone marrow transplant containing T cells resistant to HIV infection. Brown case showed that could but it is clear that it will require one or more safer, simpler, and cheaper options to achieve the same goal (the transplant, which Brown needed because he was experiencing a type of leukemia, which almost killed him and "there was nothing to lose."

There has been great progress in some areas - including some cases more ads using the same techniques and the same other strategies. However, it is apparent that there may be a mechanism for curing HIV infection HIV.

We can begin to achieve cures previously in two groups of patients. First, for people like Brown, whose condition ethically allows the type of procedure based on the fact noes have nothing to lose and he underwent the procedure with informed consent and informed of the risks.

Secondly, in people whose HIV is diagnosed soon after they are infected, where there are signs that the use of antiretroviral therapy (ART) starting soon after the infection can suppress the reproduction of HIV presence so quickly and so that the virus could never have "installed an infectious process" really.

Some of these "cure" could be better termed as "missions" because we do not know whether HIV will appear at some point in the future: can not stay even one small number of infected cells in the "reservoir" of long life could be "hibernating" within T cells and it is possible they could be reactivated in the future.

The rest of us - those with chronic infection, which can live healthier lives on HAART, but we would rather not have to take these medications ...

- You have to wait longer before a pretty safe cure will show up and prove themselves.

By Gus Cairns via Newsletters NAM / AIDSMAP.Com

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