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Lunaluz! Lunaluz! Love Is Living Show!

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Unconditional Love

Hi people! I love you

Hi, it's Luna and, I Love You

!!!!! I was a little rude to you guys… as soon as I joined the list I received a "welcome" so tasty ... and did not answer, right? but the truth is that I love you, all

It's just that I was quiet..just reading what you were writing… really sorry…

Well, I "play with Claudius" almost every day for icq and he was the one who put me here, we met in the little room of HIV from UOL.

Well, I will start my presentation:

I have 22 years, I was born and live here in São Paulo and dating, almost 5 years ago, Paulo who is 26 years old and is HIV positive. And I never tire of telling him: I Love You!

We had just completed a year of dating… we were returning from a hot trip to Camburiú and decided that we wanted to get married; everything was fine… for the first time we were really fine, no seizures… .and I had (or believed) overcome the problems that we went through with him being gay… or rather, finding himself bisexual with me because I was his first wife… me at I've never really screwed that up but it was hard to hear the jokes of the straight and the poison of the gay.

But I had overcome everything and everyone, faced everything and everyone, especially my mother, who of course was against dating; no one understood what had happened to us… after all, we were friends, we boiled nights and nights in gay clubs and how can a gay man fall in love with a woman?

And how can a woman fall in love with a gay?

I remember Lunaluz, I remember…. You were riding a very high wave, and so was he!

And friendship?

Misunderstanding? Can Love Be Confused With An Unfortunate Misunderstanding?

This way they said, were we not confusing things?

So no one understood…! And so are we, but the fact is that we had been together for a year and loving ourselves like crazy, and each day we loved each other more and more, and much more than more!

And still we got over the joking, poisonous questions and escambau, with so much poison!

And also, ugly questions like this:

So how do you do it? Who is "the man" in this relationship ... See, maybe you might be wondering:

How could they have endured so much hell?

But the truth is…… anyway… .we would live in peace…. And we live in peace

Until a colleague of ours needed for blood donors, would have surgery and went there, good!!

Great chance for us to do that test hiv so I can start taking pills… how beautiful… to be able to have sex without a condom…

I went to get my test, I even had a fright!

read Positive..but it was just my blood O +, what a beauty… all NEGATIVE! But his ... what?

He was not ready.

The clerk said she had “had a problem” with his sample and needed a new collection… ah… okay, they said it was too much “fat” in the blood… I forgot about that, but he was worried and did the new collect…

I remember like it was today… that hot afternoon.I with a beautiful mood and he coming with a strange face and saying that he needed to be serious with me, locked the bedroom door and handed me a card… read: POSITIVE w / hepatitis, HIV and HTLV… Was the result of the exams ……. …… .I don't know what he gave me, I didn't believe it… .but it was there… written, for a second it even crossed my mind that it was a joke from him… but when I saw his eyes I realized that… not the first thing that came to mind. my head went to ask if he still wanted to marry me… .I was afraid he would want to get away from me… we hugged, kissed and made love..mean to prove to ourselves that nothing had changed…

From that day forward began martyrdom.

I thought he was going to die tomorrow, the first flu… I cried and suffered quietly… I couldn't let anyone out because he didn't want anyone but me to know… there were several confirmatory tests and I realize that also could be contaminated ..

Since on that trip to Camburiú I took pills and do not use condoms during the 8 days we were there….

I still had to wait 4 months to repeat the exam… anguish… that's all I felt…at the time I wanted to give my positive test..was very confused and thought that he would suffer less if I was positive too so that he would not be alone or feel less than me ... ..that nonsense .... even though God is sensible and did not listen to my requests .... Anyway… I suffered… and a lot… but I started to research about AIDS, I was looking for reports, I was interested in the subject, but he… .nothing… ..didn’t mention it… until I found the HIV room at the UOL… and everything changed… I met a lot of people… I realized that things were different… I received a lot of support and I managed to vent the three years of pain and anguish that I went through, it was only from there that we were able to talk about the bug without that lump in its throat ...

Today, we are great… .I'm positive, I'm positive… less in the blood, which was the only place the pet didn't get me and he's fine, he doesn't need to take medicine Low CV… High CD4… Beauty, much healthier, much better than that old careless seronegative… and much prettier….

Anyway… this is my little story for you to know a little about me…

Editor's note, myself, this stupid idiot !!!

Luna is gone and I never knew anything about you again…

The fact is that we disagreed a slightly ill-fated meeting where I was rude and I believe, so she started to avoid me.

A pity.

Me and my bullshit…

Another Note.

Days after I edited this text Lunaluz wrote me and gave the address of her email to me to write. I do not know that Pataquiva I did I could not respond to email and, unfortunately, the contact was lost.

Luna, if you see this text again, please contact us.

I very much regret these misunderstandings

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