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The Featured Blogs WordPress Interview on World Day to Combat AIDS in Two Blogs. One is soropositivo.org

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Claudio de Souza Santos
Well, I was already recognized in the metro, on the blue line, the green and yellow because of this photo and this characteristic hat. Moreover, I have not found in Brazilian law no allusion to the criminalization of HIV positive person simply by stamp and my wife, a lawyer, says it's entrenchment clause of the Constitution that the right to free expression of thought, and nothing less, anonymity is Prohibited

I have an editorial policy not to publish anything on 1º and December! After all, so many people are silent pala almost the entire year, with the honorable exception of MTV, I do not want to risk me to tarnish them shine and make them competitive. That is why, nearly a week later, I divulge this interview, which greatly honors us in our work by the WordPress Brazil.

It's a great achievement to get the attention of a media such range (planetary) and I would not stop talking about it.

I gave time to time and, if not put a younger picture here is because I have not been photographed as often and as well says Dr. Vera Paiva, the NEPAIDS, You need to give, yes, face to slap, and I do not find one excuse for not doing so, since already in the early 90 I told anyone that I am HIV positive and now, after more twenty years, here in Brazil, I never had legal problems or any kind on account of this "virus".

Well, I will not give excessive treatment to the ball because it's obvious what I say surreptitiously.

I put the introduction of the story in this post and link to the original. It's a good read, I recommend it to everyone. (I.e.

Before, however, I give the floor to Dr. Vera Paiva in the "Guerrilla"

Soropositivo.org: Were you initially discredited by doctors when you realized that life existed after HIV?

I was diagnosed in November 1994, at that time there was even treatment. I remember very well the expression of the person who gave the diagnosis, saying that I would have only six months to live. When I got out of CRT-A (Reference and Training Center AIDS) I heard in my head, over and over again, the expression in English said to a person sentenced to death, "Dead man walking".

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