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Social Death 1 / 3 of Brazilians refuse to work with seropositives

Social Death 1 / 3 of Brazilian workers refuse to work with HIV positive The average number of people who refuse to work with HIV positive is, on average, 20% in the world according to UN research shows. A survey carried out by UNAIDS seven years ago indicated that almost 30% of Brazilians would refuse to work alongside people carrying the ...

AIDS: Table of risk assessment for the spread of HIV Virus

This page describes the risk level of the various activities with respect to the risks for HIV virus contagion. No risk of contracting To our knowledge, none of the practices in this category have ever been shown to lead to HIV infection. Kissing (no blood present) Non-insertive masturbation Receiving penetration of non-shared sex toys Contact with feces or urine Injecting drugs with unshared needles Sadomasochistic activities (using universal precautions) Tattooing, drilling, electrolysis and acupuncture with equipment ...

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The three-drug regimen outperforms XDR-TB in the first test

I consider this text very important for several reasons ... One of them is that I was a carrier and latent tuberculosis and, even without having a place to live, I had to keep the treatment up to date or I would give rise to an active tuberculosis infection and this could become a bit tuberculosis and, with ...

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HIV test for pharmacy "arrives soon at the" market "(...)

Luiz Felipe Silva, a journalist for Vix, an ex-woman's bureau published yesterday, 31 / 05 / 2017 that a test for antibodies against HIV will be available soon in pharmacies. What struck me about the matter itself was that, in the clipping that I signed, there was the statement that such a test would give "greater privacy ...

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The Plan of UNAIDS to combat the HIV will not work, researchers say

An editor's note: I do not give passage to certain "comments" because they are, in fact, attempts to cause flames and discussions, so when do not reach the personal attack, with vocabulary of people very rich when it comes to insulting people and who has been rather didactic to me because "bad omen bird and pious ...

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