HIV: Tabú- A documentary 45 minutes long

There are many people, and I do not know to hear dier but rather to hear the person speaking, it is better to die of AIDS than VontAIDS.

My desire is to get the person and make it a "papa-punch" because only those who do not know the reality of life with HIV, or know festively, as shown in the speech of a citizen who says "everything is normal, that much probably your health will be better now than before, it's just taking a comprimidinho and that it's okay "(...). He lost a large opotunidde to stay quietopoderia say something stupid it is. The documentary shows the high rate of people who are affected by cytomegalovirus and may lose vision in weeks, should already be a sign to slow down. During the time I spent "rebuilding my immune system, anything I saw or noticed abnormal, there I was in the ophthalmologist to see if there was anything wrong ...

... And there was! Felimente was not a infcção CMV but rather a cataract, which is a manifestation of premature aging that can affect some people living with HIV.

Well, there are many facets of this "thing called HIV infection" and another "both things that can happen in the disease stage known as AIDS."

This documentary is very good and I advise you to watch it completely.

And ... if you think it's dying vontAIDS is worse, m can be prepared to change their "philosophy of life".

Claudio Souza

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