House of AIDS: The destruction of an excellent service for Geraldo Alckmin


This is the megalomaniac list. If it was to have the name on the card was enough to exchange the card in Frei Caneca building

Last Friday I was in the House of AIDS, which treat myself for seventeen years and therefore from when the House of AIDS was the project of excellence in treatment for people with HIV and AIDS patients.

Initially, this creature, the Governor-elect Geraldo Alckmin, seems to be ruling our lives in São Paulo since the passing of Mario Covas, a man worthy, with whom I had the opportunity to stand for fifteen minutes. This one is elected in the first round in all elections incomprehensibly, a kind of "Poltergeist effect", closed the house of AIDS and banished to the Emilio Ribas. For me the feeling of orphanhood.

I got to get 4 hours in line to withdraw medicines and pushed the rabble Chuchu Pastel saw the need to reopen the AIDS home (there is much more about it, and I know what it is, but I do not betray the confidence people that account for me inesclaressível).

I want to make a comment here. Once I was in one of the clinics of Charitable Portuguese with a doctor who consulted me, and after I have informed my serology, he asked the basic rates of cholesterol and CD4 and Viral Load and asked me where I was me, and I said ... in "House," and he made the following comment about House of AIDS, yet victimized by this metastatic cancer called Geraldo Alckmin:

It is the best center of treatment and care of people living with HIV, as well as a highly advanced research center in South America, and I still say that it is quite possible that it is all in the Southern Hemisphere!


I think the guy sees us like that. I think he has no relative or friend infected. That if it is true that such thing suit builds family and consolidates friendship. good friendship is the financing campaign. Citing the book "Perfume", certain creatures "to encapsulate themselves and rounding, trying not to draw attention to their parasitic life giving the world only their droppings"

The chayote Pastel made the necessary, possible, impossible to perform unnecessary. Did not renew the rent of a building that belongs to a reputable company who did what he could, because they knew what was going on, it was important and should have stayed there.

I do not know why Fernando Haddad get your name on the board of the "reopening of the House of AIDS", completely disfigured, where many of the extremely important staff in savvy with patients simply were not. I want to remember another circumstance.

Once I got to the door completely exhausted AIDS House, struggling to climb the stairs and was seen by the receptionist at least twenty meters from me, the receptionist recognized me, saw that I was not well, he called two nurses who already they came with the wheelchair. My blood pressure was 19 22 * (high and convergent); I was on the verge of a heart attack ... My Medical in those days was Dr. Sigrid and very farsighted me about 30 prescribed painkillers drops and constant monitoring of my blood pressure .... It took about three hours and she told me that if he had given medication to lower blood pressure, eventually missing blood in the brain and I would have a stroke.

There was the group membership, of whose actions I myself was benefited when, after a disastrous emotional shock I just abandoned the treatment and as soon as there was my query and I was not, they called me affectionately talked and I reconnected me even partially to reality. I came to understand that let me die is a passive form of suicide and ...

If this had happened in my last week ashes would already be at the Republic Square, my home, "the home of those who lived walking" ... (...) ...

What I saw last Friday I will try to outline here with light paint and frankly my will was to peel the potato and leave for profanity, because only there are the words that best and perfectly classify and qualify this Troll.

One was humble and unfortunately without intellectual resources.

Her doctor, resident, made the appointment it to a certain date 180 days later. He knew that his residence was ending and not warned.

And the poor was there trying to understand what was going to happen, that on Friday, the seventeenth day of February 2017. She asked to speak with the social worker and she had a meeting and would not return ... ops ... The House of AIDS has taken only as a social worker? They are well over five thousand patients!

Well, the record I proposed to her another day, to go to five or six months, at a time when the patient needed to be at work and, if missed, would run the risk of running out of employment ...

I did not see how that turned out, but certainly not turned out well.

I'm sure the people who created the House of AIDS (I miss the Zerbine Foundation) not devised nor imagined that such a thing could happen saw, as the document copied and pasted below in full.

I think he stays in power like this



House of AIDS (Extension Service to Support Patients with HIV / AIDS home AIDS)

The following is brought from one of the medical sites of USP and can be seen in this link, which opens in another tab of your browser


Founded in 1994, the Extension Service to Support Patients with HIV / AIDS - House of AIDS, It is linked to the Clinical Division of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, reference to multidisciplinary care and education on HIV / AIDS.

It has field for development of undergraduate teaching, graduate (narrow and broad sense), for medical areas and related areas.

They are monitoring 4.000 patients. In 2003 24.000 they were held about medical consultations in infectious diseases and 185.000 laboratory tests.

Currently, performs full patient care, offering services in infectious diseases, gynecology, psychiatry, gynecology, endoscopy, oral health, psychology, social worker, nutritionist and physical education. The Service has patient care at Day Hospital, pharmacy, medical records and Registration Section file.

Days / Hours:

Outpatient care, the multidisciplinary team works from 08: 00 the 20: 00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


Profile of Patients Served:

Patients of high complexity and variety of physical, psychological and social problems resulting from infection by HIV / AIDS.


· Provide multidisciplinary care to patients with HIV / AIDS, their families and partners,

Develop research activities in the medical and multidisciplinary field,

· Developing vocational education and training activities and,

· To provide services to the community.

Teaching activities:

· Supervised training for residents 2o e 3oYear DMIP,

· Supervised training to psychology aprimorandos,

· Supervised training to aprimorandos of Social Work,

· Graduate - master's and doctoral p / medical and multidisciplinary areas,

· Supervised the internal School of Medicine, University of São Paulo,


research activities:

· HIV / ADS - prevention, diagnosis, treatment and adhesion,

· Co-infection

· Tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS,

· Women's health with HIV / AIDS,

· Mental health of patients with HIV / AIDS,

· Elderly with HIV / AIDS,

· Dysfunctions lipo / glucose of patients with HIV / AIDS,

· Adolescents with HIV / AIDS,

· Chagas disease and HIV / AIDS,

Medical team:

Director: Dr. Eliana Battaggia Gutierrez,

Medical Supervisor: Dr. Ana Marli Christovan Sartori, Dr. Sigrid Sousa Santos and Dr. Celia Torrens Wunch,

Scientific Coordinator: Dr Aluísio Augusto Cotrim


Training and capacity building:

Medical collaborator in the study areas in plastic surgery, co-infection of hepatitis, orthotics and acupuncture. Other areas of interest: physical education, siciologia, occupational therapy, physical therapist, nursing, hospital administration, pharmacy.