Carnival Finished

The carnival is over and, with it apparently was also the breeding cycle of human beings in Brazil.

Millions of condoms were distributed by the Ministry of Health and all its branches, starting from the lowest point, even the most modest room in a health center on the summit of Pico das Agulhas Negras ...

Oiapoque to Chuy

Had so much news about carnival in the media, in Twiter, Facebook me, here two days ago, was the only editor in Soropositivo.Org, decided to rest!

I also present to you a person soon.

The visitation of Soropositivo.Org was, from the beginning of December, shortly after the day 1º December, half in a water bath ... Three thousand five hundred views was the maximum I could in one day and the average was fifteen hundred the dduas thousand five hundred.

Today, 1º March 2017, about 23: 30 3100 already spend of views ...


I'm consciences judge, mine is too heavy so I can stop and judge others. And that nothing erviria. I do not like useless sofrmento. Suffering can be good when it leads us to spiritual elevation. How would the Underwood "House of Cards": "There are two kinds of pain"

But the sudden rise in visits me cause the old print every year:

"Everyone painted and embroidered in the summer holidays and the carnival and is now eager to information they alleviate fears".

It's no good.

Who hesitated, hesitated; and now there is no other way but to wait 30 days window periodTake the exam and wait for the result. It's only thirty minutes of a wait, but worth chasing the PEP

If you get positive, the way is to seek to understand the disease better and touch life .... Anyway, even if it can be avoided, it is not the end of the world! For those who receive the non-reactive diagnosis my invitation is for reflection.

You, who today, 1, March 2017 (or any other date), are there, thoughtfully, trying to see if that most intimate thing could have infected you and does not come to any conclusion, and everything seems to be an endless nightmare. do you agree, at least now, that such a situation could have been avoided if you had at least restrained your impulses and used a condom?

If you use a minimum of his sense of honesty, the answer is yes.

I am not a pseudo-moralist who will tell you "DO NOT SEX."

I had hundreds of unprotected sex and now I am an AIDS patient.

It would be a lot of chutzpah to say this my oath.

I say:


Use a condom.


The government, though not as much alardeie distributes said free in many parts of the country! If you are female, prefer to go through a "bastard" woman to take HIV into your life.

I met a girl of seventeen who is infected with HPV and is full of fears and responsibilities:

"I will not be able to have anyone else because they do not want to pass it to someone (a lot of responsibility for a girl who, to me, smells like milk ...).

When I asked her about why she did not use condoms, and the Northeast, said:

"These pests do not want with a condom."

I told her what I say to all women:

Dispense the guy, it's no good. If the guy refuses to use a condom with you, he is a serious candidate for HIV infection, and if you do, you will also be a serious candidate for HIV (or HPV)!

Men and Women, think about it based on my reality.

I take:

12 tablets a day and I still have to apply two injections in the belly every day, just because I did not use condoms ...

Do not be like me!

el guapoDuring Carnival, or Mardi Gras out in any sex, use condoms.

Your life and your peace of mind is worth more than that ... a fuck ...

Have you received your diagnostic reagent and are you scared? Do you think your life is over? Are you having thoughts "of the type clueless"?

You need to get your hopes up!

Understand that my resilience was built one day at a time, one illness after another, one SUSAN AFTER THE OTHER!

Resilience is not something you are born with! You ROW IT! One fall after another. For every fall inevitably follows a new rebound!

In summary:

get up

Shake the dust off!

And Turn Around!

Your doctor, your doctor can do a lot for you!

Your family, if you have any, because there is not one left for me, they can or can not do something for you.

God could do everything for you!

But it's up to you to decide to go ahead or sit on the curb!

Do you think I talk too much? Please read my outdated medical history! 🙂 It may take a little while!

And as for Health, it is a Right of All and a Duty of the State


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