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AIDS and a Life ExpectancyWe are not immortal, and we can have AIDS and a "normal" Life Expectation!

Live with AIDS and expect life Normal is not something out of this world.

The last eighty days have been hard on many aspects of my personal life! Neuropathic pain ....

Yes, this is my personal hell!

Because of this, I simply missed the appointment with the HC neuropathic pain specialist. And, if that were not enough, I completely forgot that I had to have blood tests ...

That whole thing forever:

  • CD4,
  • Viral charge,
  • Hepatic and renal indicators,
  • Profile Colisterimico
  • Hormonal Indexes and Parato hormonal (mine are in the extratosphere ... From the Sun ...)
  • And other bugs !!!

With Free Time,

Living with AIDS and a "Normal" Life Expectancy has become Reality for many!

There was nothing to evaluate and I was her last patient, *** my *** infectologist, and we talked about many, but many things, of which only one I will share with you. Dr. Angela is no longer * my doctor *, she grows professionally. And on all levels. I shared an email from her to me with a friend and he, who did not even know who it was, said that he was a "very special human being." This gives news of my pain with this loss. irreparable loss that I drained from my analyst last night, Friday, December 14 of 2018, as one of the losses!

The doctor who dealt with me was chosen by me on a day when I almost put the AIDS, also in Frei Caneca, below.

I was very rude that day with most people, but it was not without reason!

I was being victimized by a "mErDiCa" that gave me the same attention the spider gives to ants ... She hopes to deplete formic acid and "NHAC".

The House of AIDS and a "Normal" Life Expectancy Become Associated in My Life

Well, chayote pastel closed the house of AIDS, set up a real fussiness (you can see here - opens in another tab) Has transformed Emílio Ribas into a congested treatment center with more than 9,000 patients.

I believe I know that everything was a political maneuver that did not work, trusting the cake and chuchu is like trusting a rattlesnake without stew ...

This is not so relevant anymore.

The point is that we spent the time of the consultation talking and I really like her care, and with a heartache was missing much for her retirement.

She did not answer, told me not to think about it and told me the following.

A few days ago she had received a new case, and she told me, when she saw him, in her mid-twenties, she said she thought,

“Yeah… I'm sure I'll pass the baton to another… you know Claudio it's much easier to treat people.The medicines have fewer side effects….

Only those who chewed four DDI tablets a day in the 90 decade know well what this is…. Not to mention that I read the label and, to my horror, one of the “adverse reactions” was nothing more, nothing less than a “Fulminant pancreatitis”. There was not much choice !!! (…)

The old antiretrovirals were often worse than AIDS and the normal expectation could go down the drain!

Geraldo Alckyminn is, after the 2018 lawsuit a political dwarfWell, I must have left it written somewhere that I remembered the look and the cynical face looking at me and prophesying six months of life... yeah, I overcame this prophecy in 4400% and counting ....

To tell you the truth, I try to remember his face now, but he has lost his meaning and I barely remember a white coat ....

You screwed up your asshole, and if you're alive and if I know of his death I'll go there for about twenty blades of lime to make sure that weeds are not born on you....

Returning to my doctor, she said to pass the staff because that life expectancy of seventy years was exceeded, left behind, There are patients close to 90 years!

Couple kissing under umbrella at the beach in sunset. Photo in the

Yes, I'm telling the truth!

People who know me well know that I wouldn't say such a thing if it didn't come from a safe source, and my doctor, whose name won't, I can't help but transform her life in a madness of people wanting corroborate my information.

It is not because living with AIDS Normal Life Expectancy that you can falter!

But it is important that you who read me take care of your health.

A life with AIDS is not a walk to the square!

I have a friend who was hospitalized for three months, who saw her life upside down simply because she was taken by surprise a opportunistic infection

Reinforcing: Despite all this, do not you think that life with HIV is similar there is a walk to the square!

There are many unpredictable complications. For sad example, my case. I know I live with HIV since 1994 and at that time there was no treatment. I tried to take AZT. Each AZT shot meant a vomiting section where I threw up AZT and gastric juice! God knows, I just didn't throw up my stomach because he couldn't get up.

And I held out for two days.

And I did not know because I simply thought,

"Let's do a HIV test and see what it takes" ... It was not like that, and to be clear, I almost went to the ditch! And I would have been buried as indigent (... Honestly? ... I would not give a damn ...)!

I had a viral meningitis and if I escaped with life it was because God considered that it would be better this way. Go figure this .... Aírton Senna passed away.

So, use condoms, because this thing of ah! he does not look like he has AIDS, I am this one, from the photo next door! AND… if I were a bastard... Fortunately I'm not like that ... Thank God ... But in the past, when I still felt free and unimpeded, because I really was, many girls left in anger!

With anger at me, normal thing, calling me a "freak" just because I made a point of using the condom ...

But a "Conscious Viadinho"! AIDS and Long and Normal Life Expectations are still a secondary option. Better the condom!

Reflecting on this point, right now, it would have been very likely that it was already contaminated, or was carrying another STD such as HPV infection or even HCV, the Hepatitis C virus, which is also transmissible through sexual intercourse. my happiness, she left.

God knows what he does…

AIDS and a normal life expectancy combine. Rapid diagnosis and good adherence to treatment are key points

And I advise you to look have safe sex and yet, married ladies, prepare your hearts, for I have lousy notions.

Dr Vera Paiva, from the NEPAIDS is quite right when he says that marriage is a terrible option for women. She considers, and I agree, that Marriage is risk of death. against women!

In two or three days I will have finished review the translation of a text which may fall like a bomb on their heads. I'll post the link here when I'm done.

Yes ... it's true, our life expectancy has no more limits. It's the human limits, of course!

And if there is no limit to live ... there are no limits to dream either!

I further declare that, although for us, people living with HIV or AIDS There are practically no limits to live and dream.

It must be considered that the life with HIV it's much more difficult than people's lives, with HIV ou people living with AIDS and a normal life expectancy

Although they say "almost seronegativos" is a slight assertion whose unseen consequences.

Always use condoms and keep in mind, use of condoms is close to one hundred percent safe! AND if the condom burst, run to PEP; but do not make it a habit!

See Worldwide network of People with HIV!

This Text was written more than two years ago! My doctor, we cling to the professionals who take care of us and the break is diabolically painful, I had spent a lot of time talking to me the afternoon before I wrote this text, still in 2017!

Since then, I believe I only saw her one last time, and there was even the possibility of a "up front in the future, even if very far away" (tears).

And a few days ago I translated this text that will come in the following link. He not only corroborates everything that Angela did, but also raised expectations because, yes, it's true:

HIV treatment and its outcomes have been improving, with fewer side effects and better prospects.

What I want everyone to understand is that I, Cláudio Souza, I do not worry about cure.. Not for me! And this is my life!

I choose to go live!

AIDS and a Life Expectancy

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