A note to my readers assiduous

I spent the last four decades trying to find a middle ground, even if it was an armistice in this war waged by my father and me. I told Mara, my wife, who was born between enemies and she could not understand the statement.

I lost my mother looking for about 18 years when she was very ill, had undergone a mastectomy and needed to undergo a radio / chemotherapy (I do not know which) and they could not afford to have a phone line.

So I muni my half sister, whose name let eclipsed by the duty of charity, with ten calling cards of 100 units (many people will not understand this easily) And some telephone numbers through which it would always have been able to contact me. Once I changed, for reasons that will not be placed here, back to Sampa, there was a phone through which my sister (does not matter the blood) could find me and the latter number disappeared two years ago and, to my way without seeking certain people, I did a search for Facebook (stupid thing my believe that my sister, espousing the beliefs that wife could have a Facebook profile.).

Life has strange things and just over two weeks one last person "managed to find me, and after some discussion we concluded that we had had been handled by a real" wolf in sheep's clothing "and some ouras things happened and I got the name and address of my mother.

As I'm not stupid, I concealed my number and called her. She answered, although it has not admitted it, it was very fast in the questions and then listening to the answers she did not say it to someone else and was not even in speakerphone, because I was and would have run a tremendous feedback she was on speakerphone . So after the third question I was sure it was her, but did not tell her. I gave her the freedom to choose your path. She told me to call later. I waited, doing other things, night fell and right there for the evening, I called her, who claimed she was not and that I call another day.

What a pity, my mother, how sad will you be When You part from this world, and discover que my true intention was to place your two nets and your five great-grandchildren at your feet? ... You made your choice by Refusing me for the third team and If one is a little, two is good and three is too much, you have exhausted your share and confirmed: I was born among enemies and you surprised me by showing que I was one of them!

So that's why, my followers that I despised the two branches of my ancestry.

And while I do not find a way to refer to me with a decent name, I will be still am, very proud:

Claudio's Soropositivo.Org

Incidentally, Mara finally agreed with me: I was born between enemies. And I won

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