The Plan of UNAIDS to combat the HIV will not work, researchers say

A note from the editor:

I do not give passage to certain "comments" because they are, in fact, attempts to cause flames and discussions, so when do not reach the personal attack, with people from rich vocabulary when it comes to insulting people and who has been rather didactic to I therefore "bird of ill omen and raucous hooting" I had not seen.

"Site-Garbage and Trash Blog I'm used to it. After all, I am here since year two thousand when was the site that was the former National Coordination STD / AIDS, the GAPA, the GIV and mine!

At the time it was common to receive emails calling me aidética closeted fag and other blábláblás that just bother me, I do not need masculinity statement and, in addition, there are also some women of the past who, by any means, want to "lunch ". I know well that the lunch main course would be and I'm not to estultices.

I had a bachelor party I lasted a year and has left some people, especially the one I wanted, by all means rent an apartment for me, in her name and then, farewell bachelor, but I when I want, I'm worse than Soap.

I like to give good news. But responsibly.

Some time ago, "media specialist" and the occasion media released news that had as source "The Lancet " who spoke in curing some people and it was all a matter of months. I remember it was a Sunday, a bad day to spread news without a good foundation, and cautiously went to my sources and there was not a single note, a paragraph only referring to everything I read that Sunday fuss and, as I learned hard, "in doubt, do not exceed"!

And there went over

The next day was, in large letters the denial of everything I read and translate all what I thought was best, whose link I put at the end.

Some time ago I attended a conference, which was attended by someone who has an optimism to all the test and reported that there, that "we are very close to achieving the 90-90-90 goal. "

Pardon the disagreement, one need not be a master in statistics to know, even in 2016, it would be highly unlikely that we got the 2020 to 90% of people with HIV diagnosed with ninety percent of these people in treatment and ninety percent them with undetectable viral load. By way of illustration, I attended the consultation of my wife om a doctor and she says I patients refuse to accept the positive diagnosis (on the other hand, at the other end, they also refuse to receive the negative diagnosis ... I have the emblematic case the person with whom "dialoguei" for six months and, in the end, I was tired, to see that he did not get a convinced, and he annoyed because I did not allow me to feed the paranoid delusion it, a beautiful morning he told me and blocked then after saying:


I thought: Fucked! The guy will go out like a kamikaze sexual and sooner or later (it reminded me of Madonna in Dick trace singing Sooner or Later - EX-DJ Thing) will contract. He appeared once again, months later and I asked, just for the record:

-"What's up? He was convinced "?


I came to take care of my things because I do not want to freak out ... back to the doctor, she says that the "new patient does not have good adhesion, do not attend to queries, do not care about CD4 and viral load"!

I say here that they do not bother with it and do not give ball to nothing because they saw that we who discover HIV in our bodies before there were any remnants of hopes, but to the one we had in ourselves and God had seen, and in my particular case, I spent nearly three months going to one, sometimes two funerals a day and also because they did not see it, a freak of advertising, but a global reality

therese-Frare-david-kirby (1)

Yes. The central fulcrum of the 90-90-90 meta, which is well dissected in the text that I have translated below, aims at the following:

We can not cure them

We can not kill them

We can not abandon them

Insert PrEP as a planetary solution (there are people out there saying that condoms are only 97% experienced. I will also leave link to it.

And we hope they die.

I do not know about the plans of God concerning me, but, based on what Dr. told me. Naomi (not the Campbell) I plan to go to the 90.

I apologize for the size of the note. But I assure you, I help myself here. There would still be much to be said

The 90-90-90 goals are probably unattainable due to the high proportion of people living with HIV in remote areas in Africa.

A group of researchers argued that the joint plan of the United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS) to overcome the HIV through what is known as treatment as prevention (TASP) is not feasible because of the difficulty in achieving the great number of those living in remote areas of sub-Saharan Africa, Medical Xpress reports.
In 2014, UNAIDS invited nations to obtain 90% of their respective populations diagnosed HIV, 90% of this group antiretroviral (ARV) and 90% of virally-suppressed group 2020. This would mean that 73% of the HIV population of a nation would have an undetectable viral load, which the survey found is associated with an extremely low risk, possibly non-existent, to transmit the virus to others.
UNAIDS predicts that the realization of 90-90-90 feat, put nations on the road to considerable reductions in rates of new HIV infections and eventually eliminate the virus as a major threat to public health.
Publishing their findings in Science Translational Medicine, researchers of the new study used statistical mapping methods to estimate where they live all HIV-positive people in Lesotho. Approximately one quarter of the adult population of sub-Saharan nation is living with the virus.
The study authors found that the UNAIDS approach to make the contents of diagnosis, treatment and viral suppression HIV reach very high levels is a major challenge in Lesotho because the population of HIV in the country is widely dispersed: Only 30% live in urban areas. It would be a considerable challenge to locate and provide HIV testing to all these individuals and keep them in regular effective medical care. A considerable number of HIV-positive people in the country live in areas where there are only two or fewer people with HIV per square kilometer.
The researchers developed a different strategy used settlement patterns, population density and spatial arrangement of the HIV population in the country to more efficiently allocate resources to fight the epidemic.

Translated by Cláudio Macedo do Original in UNAIDS's Plan to Beat HIV Pandemic Will not Work, Researchers Argue

Review Mara Macedo

Cure for HIV is not there in front around the corner .... But there is hope!

Condoms a brief profile

Dismistificando the female condom

Condoms, a brief profile

After reading ests three texts have some following reasonings lines

Murderous villains, in the quest to sell PrEP and TasP, are reducing the quality of condoms. It is to be believed that they do not have children, daughters, nephews, nieces or do not care about this thing that, for most of my life I did not have, family ...

There I think ...


Yes, this is the photo of me! My niece asked me to put this picture on my profile! .... I had here a description of me that one person described as "irreverent". This is really a euphemistic way of classifying what was here. All I know is that an "NGO" which occupies a building of 10 floors has established a partnership with me, and I have the logs of the partnership time, which was more a vampirism because for each 150 people leaving my site, clicking on them, there was, on average, one that came in. WHEN I ENTERED AND ENTERED

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