Being a Mother is a Plus

My failed me; He abandoned me twice; cheated on me…

For a long time (I apologize to the most sensitive consciences) I hated.

Then I understood that we are here because we had to be here and, on that basis, the reassestei vision lenses and looked.

It was hard, but I found (thing I learned in the Night is to find what is hidden).

I spoke to my half-sister, Cecilia (I think this is the name, my memory has betrayed increasingly) and decided not to'd tell her, seriously ill, I am a person living with AIDS. We concluded that it would not support the coup and, after all, tell it to her, would not change my health situation.

I do not remember the name of my sister, but I remember having given at least five telephone numbers through which anything she said, I know in less than five minutes.


I gave three phone cards 100 units each.

There has never been a phone call.

I do not know if my mother is alive, do not know if my mother is dead.

But, as I have said dozens of times, the pain that hurts the most, is to not know

The video is for her and for all of you who, in one way or another, reached motherhood.

There is something to be changed. I found this video a few months ago and wrote the text above ... not had the miracle ... A great friend of the past found it. I called her and called for her ... She answered ... Who wants to talk? Claudio, his son. He asked the questions that only I would know answer. Not passed on to anyone. She said she (...) was not and that "to call later" ... I called

Connect another dial, any day.

Well, it could now be surrounded by grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

As I told Renato Russo about John's Santo Cristo:

"By his own choice he chose loneliness" ...


The jack ass. Better if each other never crosed Their sights

Hypocrite and the "Company" (SIC) criminalizing abortion and discriminates Single Mother

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