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Cancer rare in forty-one homosexuals
This was one of the earliest reports of what would soon be known as the gay plague, the "Wrath of God"

It all started like this ... Until a few weeks ago, after a random search on Google, I found a page, a kind of forum that apparently belonged or belonged and I can not find anymore, an "obstetrical professional" where the girls (Madness among the crazy ones) said to have begun to use this or that other program of contraception and they say, or they said,

- "Two weeks ago I started using ******* so many times a day. Can I have sex without a condom yet? "

Well, for people who think so, that's kind of oba! Ouch! Now you have remedy, I display this image:

Last moments of David Kirby
This is the advertisement that Benneton used to make me never buy a pair of socks in their stores again, where I was a regular customer (old times, good times!). It's a disgusting image, which I put here for you, who think living with AIDS is a joke, it's no joke! I have an unpublished testimony where I learned that there is even a stick: "It is better to die of AIDs than of vontaids ..." It was my wish to send him to the devil, but I have to be complacent, since none of our _governos_ bother In doing serious prevention work. Rays! ... Double rays ...

I left two links there, one for "immunological window, the facts", and another for "opportunistic diseases", trying to give a "warning cry" and, thinking now, it is not difficult that they have changed the address of the page and my files Comments are not nice there ... Patience, the fact is that there are a lot of people wanting a way to sex without a condom and I'm going to start this text with a shock therapy.

AIDS, the growing threat .. that of the eighties, the twentieth century
Cover of Times magazine with the word AIDS maios that own the name of the magazine "on the cover!"

On the last day 25 I was with my doctor, Dr. Angela and she commented something about a kind of phenomenon (I'm not textually putting what she said) very interesting, which is the monthly recurrence or not, of people who go to AIDS House for a "another round of PEP"; And in some cases, although there is some delay, even for a third or fourth PEP, and this is beginning to form a pattern of unhealthy behavior for none of the parties involved.

Imagine that you are fucking around without a condom, and every time you fuck (and I feel like these people only fuck once a month) you go to a CTA, make use of PEP and go to other adventures, and unfortunately, You repeat this pattern, take another test, take another PEP and live, at each adventure (sic) you go through 60 days of distress; That's because, to face it, to see if you're still unreactive, you have to take a test. I know what I read and hear in my Whats App on the part of people who are at risk and often do not accept, even though exposed to them, unreactive serology and I have a friend with "more than A year in the immunological window, "and there are those who, I know, can hardly believe they are not HIV positive. There is even in my mental records the figure of a man (a twenty-two-year-old boy) who was 'the example of the family', the one 'in which all should mirror' and now, after a conversation (SIC), in a bar by the sea, ended up, according to him, debunking the facts of having made dozens, yes, dozens (!!!) of tests and has not yet been satisfied and is painfully imbued with the belief that Is HIV positive. The last time we spoke, he told me in capital letters:


My fear is that, sooner or later, he will eventually find me and show a reactive diagnosis, as there have been cases in the AIDS House, where some people have been converted ...

And there's no use crying. After repeated exposures, it is not difficult to predict that sooner or later the person will contract the virus and / or, at a minimum, achieve a sexually transmitted disease that is an excellent gateway to HIV and even to Zika, which It is also a INfection Sexualmente Transmissible.


Well, what I do know is that they are preparing a control system to know who is who and how many times have already used PEP and the idea is not to deny treatment but to condition it to psychological or even psychiatric monitoring. Because such an attitude is very similar to that of the person with diabetes who eats 5 dreams and two liters of soda per day (Yes! Yes, he is crazy for everything) or even those who undergo a dangerous surgical procedure such as gastroplasty ( Reduction of stomach) as I passed and "evolved" into a Thrombo Embolism P(Two lungs) and I was between life and death for two or three days and I end up going through a long hospital stay, whose hotel is deplorable and there are nurses who lie to you to not bring you water when the Truth, bridge that fell, is that the water is "locked".

But this is a bit scary because I just wanted to talk about the person doing this surgery and then buying cans of condensed milk and consuming them slowly and slowly, as well as efficiently, in order to be an obese person again and To suffer with all difficulties looks very much like this thing of "Now I can have sex without a condom "?


Come on, yeah, and hang out with Janjao or Dunha, no condom, and go get faith in PEP or, worse, as another doctor told me, there are young people who take the medication until they become undetectable and, after reaching this goal They abandon their treatments Just and only to be able to fuck without a condom!

You see, I've been undetectable for ten years, my wife too, and we have not abandoned condoms. On the other hand, let's say HYPOTHETICALLY that I maintained an extramarital relationship with a non-reactive person, based on the fact of being undetectable and, therefore, "Non-infectious (SIC)". There is one thing, it even becomes medical jargon, a phenomenon known as "Viral blip"(The link opens on another flap) that can overturn this non-infectiousness and my beloved lover will go from non-reagent to reagent. I do not want to carry this responsibility and I think that every sensible person living with HIV can use this, non-infectiousness as a kind of AZ in the manga, to reassure themselves more and to be able to release more at the time of the bid, at the moment of "BUM".

But it would only be for this in my case, if I had an extramarital relationship, which I do not have.

You know, women feel safe because they are married and feel secure with their honesty and virtue, believing it protects them from AIDS. Here on this site is a story that one in five heterosexual men contracted HIV from another man (...). I have a friend, who is an example of wisdom and self-denial ....

Well, she will speak for herself and I will continue later, but what is written above is not related to her life, it was only a meeting of writing and facts, my writing has brought me up to this point and I want to make it very clear Here: The video below has nothing to do with the assertion I made above and I HAVE SAID

The fact is that no one is safe or free from AIDS altogether because not everything can be predicted and, unfortunately, after that trip, In the first relationship she had in her life, Valeria Polizzi contracted HIV!

People, PEP, or even PrEP as steel armor is a dangerous joke and, if I can not speak for others, I can speak for myself and, below, follow my medical port, so that it is known as Life of a person living with HIV or AIDS "

Go on, that's good!

What needs to be noted, as my doctor explained, is that this type of behavior would certainly have led, tomorrow or ten years from now, to a virus that may be resistant to virtually all medications. Well, I have no worries about this, because I do not have sex outside of marriage and my wife does not, and so we are safe with our unwelcome guest, who has been following us for more than twenty years ...

TWENTY YEARS!??? It is certainly what you will exclaim in a question ...

Middle aged couple looking at city map
Idealist representation of Claudio and Mara in the future ... Together to the end

Yes! Yes! Twenty years…. But why? Because we have irreproachable adherence to our medicines, and if the goal of doctors and scientists asks us to join 95%, we give them one hundred percent, that is, of the doses we have to take, where we could lose one per month, not We lost none! And it's serious. Once we went to Santos and forgot the remedies, we got the car, we returned to Sampa, we took our medicines and we returned to Santos, to spend the New Year there.

And if someone asked us how our life span was, where there was no treatment, because we lived, me and her, it longer than I, a bleak period where the best proposal was AZT and I preferred not to take, although One of my infectious friends has given me a different insight, an insight I have never taken into account and that is the difference at all.

Well, this is already the theme for another text ...

PEP is your right and you can use it whenever you need it, but the encirclement of you, constant PEP takers, will have their lives complicated, with more and more guidelines until, one day, the PEP will no longer take effect and, for That therapeutic regimen, your "new HIV infection," will already be resistant to the drugs you used in the last PEP.

Which will be a shame, because I can not know how many people you have transmitted this resistant CEPA and how many people, each of them who unfortunately have infected, will have infected and how many ... The progression is geometric and I put all these people and All their suffering, the dissolution of these homes, the children who, unfortunately, in spite of everything, are born with this virus in you, the madman of PEP, who never learns the lesson, who behaves irresponsibly, aware that the virus exists, Abusing a system that exists to save lives and not to open up unprotected sex, from which it seems you have the perfect notion that it is dangerous, wrong nowadays, and that it can have consequences and unfoldings Ad infinitum!

And live with it, if you can ...

Below is my medical record, which has the purpose of passing the very simple message: If I, a simple mortal, like all of you, I could go through this and have survived without major sequelae, thank God, you can too. Try to live in a way that God considers you, every night, the right to wake up one more day to continue doing deserving every new day that He gives you, because life comes from him and, as the Master said:

- "Every man according to his works" ...



In accordance with the provisions of the Code of Medical Ethics, in accordance with the

Valid and in accordance with the request made by the person concerned, I declare that Mr

Cláudio Santos de Souza, enrolled in the service under registration RG3256664J, is in

Follow-up with the following diagnoses / CID-10 to date:

# HIV / Aids Diagnosis in 11 / 1996 (B24)

# Oral Candidiasis 1996 (B20.4)

# Tuberculous latent infection treated with Isoniazid in 1997 (Z20.1)

Cardiac arrhythmia: partial D block / sinusal bradycardia by antidepressants

Tricyclics in 2006 (I49.9 / R00.1)

# Depression (F32) Dyslipidemia (E78.5) Diabetes (E14.) Obesity (E66.)

# Late reduction gastroplasty (Capella 10 / 2011 technique)

Pulmonary Embolism (126.) In 2011 + pulmonary hypertension

#HAS (110) Controlled After Bariatric Cataract Surgery (H26.9)

# Syphilis (A51.0) gonorrhea (A54.0), genital herpes (A60) Vesicular litany (K80.5)

# Deep vein thrombosis / recurrent thrombophlebitis MMII (182.9): 2008, 2009 and 2010

# Surgical intervention in 21 / 01 / 2013: abdominal incisional herniorrhaphy,

Appendectomy, cholecystectomy

#Herpes zoster ophthalmic vein 04 / 2015 (B02)


# Peripheral neuropathy in upper and lower limbs (G62.9), leading to

Muscle weakness, paresthesias and pain, medicated and followed up by the pain team

# Cerebellar cavernous angioma - following with neurology

Treatment: TDF + 3TC + ATVr, ezetimibe, allopurinol, AAS, atorvastatin, enoxaparin,

Clomipramine, risperidone, zolpidem, chlorpromazine, flunitrazepam, gabapentin,

Amitriptyline, methadone

Last exams: CD4 = 1070 (28%) / CD8 = 1597 reli = 0,67 (08 / 03 / 2015) and Viral load-


São Paulo, 02 / 02 / 2017


p> <p>


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