There is life with HIV

HIV test for pharmacy "arrives soon at the" market "(...)

Luiz Felipe Silva, Journalist Vix, An ex-woman's bag published yesterday, 31 / 05 / 2017 that a test for HIV antibody detection will be available in pharmacies soon. What caught my attention in the matter itself was that, in the clipping that I signed, there was the affirmation that such a test would give "greater privacy to the person" ...

I wonder if the suicide rate will not rise across the country, based on a test that, according to the subject, guides the test to be done in up to 120 days, which, for me, versed and reversed in reactions Of people who look for me through the ZAP that I often had to call the person's city rescue service (when this existed) because of the person thinking about practicing suicide in the face of the simple hypothesis of HIV or reagent.

Young woman crying on the floor
This is more or less the way a person feels when he or she is unaware of a "reagent" diagnosis, even within a CTA. The quick diagnosis is worth it. I suggest more commitment by the media that demonized the HIV-positive in the decades of 80 and 90 of the twentieth century, making a mea culpa now. Factoids ...

If ANVISA has already hit the crossbar higher than this one, I do not remember.

The test is inaccurate (120 days explicitly recommended in the article - see image below) and, for the sake of the truth, it is much more appropriate for the person to walk between fears and whispers to a CTA and take the test there.


If the worst happens, there are people around this person and, above all, people prepared for these situations.

Anyone can call 0800 16 25 50 at the AIDS Dialogue of the State Department of Health of the State of São Paulo, which serves all the states and hospitals of this immense country with and ratify what I always report here.

Immunological window is 30 days for 99% of people and it is recommended, with emphasis on my part, a second test at 60 days.

The test we get can go wrong on even 119 days and I do not know by how much it will be sold.

I stand, even in isolation, if it is the case, which I do not believe, in disagreement with this ANVISA decision.

And I advise the CVV to double the number of attendants in their painful shifts, of which I was one day attended, thinking that it was over for me, twenty-two years ago, when I was foreseen six months of life, with derision in Eyes


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