... a threat to women's lives ...

Dr. Vera Paiva of the NEPAIDS said that marriage poses a risk to a woman's life, and even though I am a man, I am forced to agree.

See This There are many more women concerned about HIV (and I should inform you that they are ten times more vulnerable) than men.


The Dra Vera Paiva, Of NEPAIDS said that marriage poses a risk to the woman's life and, even though I, a man, I am forced to agree.

See This There are many more women concerned about HIV (and I should inform you that they are ten times more vulnerable) than men.

I noticed this table and it is in the "vintage that people seem to care more about HIV (although I pose to say that, often this concern arrives late, there is a natural drop in the" house of thirty ".

People are expected to "sit". Married, married, colored friendships, and all kinds of formation of affective couples that are formed and, let us say, there should be a reduction of risk.

While I'm talking to you here, I'm talking to someone else about the Whats App that contracted HIV from the Husband, who discovered late (it's important to focus on testing yourself) and died from cryptococcal dysentery.

She's been 40 for years, Have a lifetime ahead of you And afraid.

Fear of rejection, of the prejudice of family members, of society in general. She lives in the NE and we know that things are even more complicated there, and the NE responds by a large number of people, men, who lose their penises because of a cancer of the penis that better hygiene would avoid , But there, "Do not talk about washing the chick, not because this is for the loose goat! " And ... both there and here, or in falujah, there is the habit of adultery, just as, in South Africa, the legend runs that disvirginar a girl under seven years cure AIS (...) (!!!)

But that is beyond the point. Women betray, that's a fact. But men betray a lot more.

I lost a great friend for AIDS, I believe that she already has some 14 or 15 years and I still could not finish accepting her death because when we first met her, she had left her testimony on a site called serpositivo and I wrote For her, requesting permission to reproduce the text and call from here, email from there, I who lived, forced by circumstances, in Piracicaba, I came to Sampa to know her.

We had dinner and she told me that when she talked to the fiancé she went straight to the point

"I'm not a fool. Man betrays! IF you're cheating, use a condom ... Read this, please.… Yeah…

And the interest in the site falls in "geometric regression" to each age group, but the great disaster is in the range of 18 to twenty-four years young people ... Unfortunately Google Analytics does not provide me information about people under eighteen , Perhaps because they are asexual And pregnant girls at the age of fifteen become pregnant, all of them, by the work and grace of the Holy Spirit! I recommend reading my article, whose link is below the chart, Calm down


This because The State and Lay


Going forward, the graph speaks for itself, there is a total imbalance between the genders, when speaking in search of information

I'm not sure why Google still does not use gender instead of sex ... I do not know ...

Is 55% (rounding up) the number of people of the female gender (is it that google has not yet discovered that the transvestite who fills the form and sees there the word sex to be informed she puts feminine because she is not under oath and would do Even if it were?)


AIDS can kill, it's true, especially if it's diagnosed late, as will be seen in the video I'll put down. But it is a treatable disease and, nowadays, simple treatment. I, who have already taken twenty-six HIV tablets every day, take four antiretroviral drugs in three tablets once a day.

There are other medications. Peripheral neuropathy causes me to take a dose of some analgesic, including methadone and gabapentin, every two hours. And there are still people who are smarter, is not he my good friend, Beto Volpe? Out of sheer love of life ... Or like Sílvia Almeida, who, widowed prematurely, with two children, thought:

"Well ... I can not die

Well, I said too much.



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