PEP is an All Right and should be treated as a medical emergency

Editor's Note. This text, written in the early hours of Thursday, June 15 of 2017, between 3h52m and 5h16m, was intended to complement the response given to a user of the site (I lost sleep because of this story, so to speak).

Night AmbulanceSo. I've been thinking and what I'm going to say to you here, can serve for other people too. I'm in the crowd so it's really unreactive. But if it reacts, it may have been silly. Have you heard of PEP?

PEP is an acronym for an expression in English, something I deplore, this our craze to incorporate things into English for our life in Brazil ... but, go there:

PEP is Post Exposure Profilaxy which, in good Portuguese would be Post Exposure Prophylaxis.

Do not get me wrong, but I need to rely on the difficulty of you or anyone else who comes to read this in understanding what prophylaxis is. I went to Wikipedia and picked up a snippet of the text, which can help, but I'll go by a link there and read:


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In health, from the Greek prophyoxis (caution), is the application to prevent the spread of diseases.

More about this, you can find here: Prophylaxis (This opens in another tab of your browser, all the links on this page open in other tabs or windows of your browser, depending on your personal customizations on your systems).

A disease has one or more causative agents. These need to somehow interact with the body to generate the disease. Any and all measures that attempt to prevent this interaction may be called prophylactic measures

An example of this is the use of vaccines.

The human immune system recognizes some external elements and triggers a defense reaction against them. This is studied by the immunology. In the first contact with one of these elements, a series of organic reactions occur in sequence, usually taking a few days, until the elimination or neutralization of the aggressor agent. In an eventual second contact, the response time is much shortened, sometimes being hours.

Diseases such as measles and chickenpox occur only once in the life of the individual, since this immune response is maintained indefinitely.

Other diseases, such as a urinary tract infection by certain bacteria, or malaria, do not trigger a definitive response and can be repeated several times in the individual's life.

In other diseases, a prolonged but not definitive response occurs. Diphtheria and tetanus are examples of diseases of this group.

When the organism is artificially exposed to a weakened or killed pathogen, or parts of the dead pathogen, in order to prepare the organism for future contact with the wild offending agent, vaccination is carried out. Only diseases that trigger a prolonged or definitive immune response can be vaccinated.

A disease that no longer exists thanks to vaccination, although its virus still exists, is smallpox.

One disease that has dramatically declined was polio, thanks to a continuous vaccination campaign in virtually every country in the world.

If the condom had burst and you felt there was a possibility that you would use the PEP, which can be started within a minimum period of 2 hours and maximum of 72 Hours

There had been, if you had searched for the PEP, the possibility of avoiding the HIV infection. It would be the administration with +/- 28 days taking the medication for HIV, with a mixed discipline between Draconian and Spartan until the last tablet. Remember that as soon as you get to the point of care, the first thing you would do before you get PEP would be an examination to check for HIV antibodies in your blood. If so, there would be no further reason to do PREP, since you would already be HIV positive. Giving negative, and based on this your non-reagent exam, now certainly in the past, you would have also started the PEP, which for some would be able to treated with the PEP and then VC would have tested it twice more on the 30 And 60X days after the incident. Two months after the condom had burst and you'd know everything. The vast majority of cases of condoms that burst, please forgive me the frankness, is due to inappropriate use and now with the emergence of PReP, Pre Exposure Prophylaxis, measure that I am strictly against as bulk health policy , And fully in favor in cases where the person pursues a profession where there is a perennial risk. An example that all would approve, approve and approve

  • Health professionals such as nurses and staff who collect potentially infectious or even sharps. Everyone will say amen.

An example where everyone will throw stones and I already notice, this quiet and educated writing is just one of the styles I have to write and I have one that a friend, who no longer know if it is alive or dead: "Rascante" :



It is said of wine that leaves a certain trickle in the throat, by excess of tannin.

  • Sex professionals. Sex work is work and whoever thinks it's easy life, whether male or female, I suggest you buy a very short skirt, a very small top and come out today, Thursday, 15 June of 2017, with a cold of 15 C and go to the corner and submit to a lousy little son of a bitch (that's to be more or less rascante), that looks at you and says:

"That's when I'm paying you!"

Live it only once, to see how easy it is, and if it's for militancy, you, an employer, who does not give a job or even HIV positive, would you give to a transvestite? And you, consumer, would treat with civility and respect a salesperson in a clothing store that "escaped the standard" ?. Even if she was a lesbian, a fanchona, or a crossdresser? Something like that happened in my life, but I bobbed and, bazed, I let them take me, in a good way, the document that proved the order to open my salary account ... (...) ...

You, the wife and mother of a handsome son, 1,85m, who leaves on Friday evening and only comes back on Sunday afternoon knows how many "whims and brutalities he has imposed on a woman who, unlike you, did not conquer motherhood Graced by the world, this world of mirrors and appearances, but who became pregnant, often deluded, by a sordid man who can, or could often be his own husband, "in business meetings" in brothels?

Well ... are they and them, the program boys, who often would rather die, if they could, than have to submit to certain things? All of them deserve PrEP. But only them? Would this unrestrained use of antiretrovirals end up leading the virus, from prophylactic error to prophylactic error to a strain resistant to very important medications today? What about adverse effects? You, who read me, would use a medicine I take, to fight HIV, with all the discomforts that have already been worse, but still not "nice"? These are pregnant questions of other issues, and after all, if for three decades condoms were always one hundred per cent efficient, what has changed to make them less effective? Launch this idea, The only "efficient 98%" is not a stimulus to the then fuck, I will not suck bullet with paper?

And I have seen texts that say, from two years to now, that the condom "is only effective in 98% of cases," I offer these two texts for reading:

  1. Condoms, a brief profile
  2. The Truth About Condoms
  3. Someone must be asking what moves me in these contests ...

Kindly read, But read everything

And, my respectable lady, who reads me with attentive and perplexed eyes, Dr. Vera Paiva of the NEPAIDS, said, with a property that I, as a man, ratify, marriage is a threat to life And women's health.

Meanwhile… AmFAR promises AIDS cure for 2020

I think I said everything and even a little more than I should ... (...) ...

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