AIDS in the Amazon, a sad scourge, a sad reality


AIDS in the Amazon It is a great scourge. I talked to her every day and the wing even told me that where she was driving only one would get by boat for six months, a hospital of "Tropical Diseases". I never had the guts to ask how to do it if a new patient arrives and the boat has already given birth, without the extra medicine for that patient ...

Anyway, none of this is a great novelty for me. I know a young man in Amapá and says he lives a terrible fraternity because every day he is afraid that there will be no remedy on the day he goes to pick him up; I just did not have a solid foundation to show things as is.

And no person who can seek help. I know that many people can not, especially women, because of the difficulty of obtaining access to information, which you veto here and therefore are corroborated. By a very important institution:


First a fact about the contingent of people that look for this blog, that makes me think And moreover, one of these !!! Yeah. Living with HIV or AIDS in a city like São Paulo or even Rio de Janeiro, where all services are in the ICU.

Finally, an evil prediction.

Bolsonaro is a candidate for president .... If he wins, what would be his policy to fight AIDS? The truth is that with everything they have done to flatten Lula's name, he is still the first one to put the ballot.

If this is an application of the theory of Malufistas in the past of "steals but does," I do not know. What I know is that Bolsonaro can not reach the presidency of the republic. Because that would be chaos.

Think about the treatment of people with different gender identities by a man who mentioned "Ulstra" when he declared his vote in favor of the coup.

I trembled dead, for you will be dislodged !!!

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