AIDS: Table of risk assessment for the spread of HIV Virus

This page describes the risk level of the various activities with respect to the risks for HIV virus contagion.

No risk of contracting

To our knowledge, none of the practices in this category have ever been shown to lead to HIV infection

  • Kissing (no blood present)
  • not insertive Masturbation
  • Receiving penetration of unshared sex toys
  • Contact with feces or urine
  • Injecting drugs with unshared needles
  • Sadomasochistic activities (using universal precautions)
  • Tattooing, drilling, electrolysis and acupuncture with new and sterilized equipment
  • Manicure or pedicure

Constitute a risk

All practices attributed to this level of risk present an average risk for Risks of HIV virus infection, because they do not involve the exchange of bodily fluids. However, there has never been a confirmed report except for a widely proven HIV transmission among lesbians.

  • Receiving oral sex
  • Anilingus
  • finger
  • Fisting (insert the handle into the vagina of the partner (or anus)
  • Shared use of sexual supplements without condoms (condom)
  • Use of sex supplements without proper sterilization.
  • Sadomasochists activities
  • Contact with feces or urine (on the skin)
  • Friction vulva the vulva
  • Coupling - head of penis within the foreskin of the partner's penis
  • Taking breast milk
  • Sharing toothbrushes and razor blades

Low risk of HIV virus infection

Risks of HIV virus infection
This syringe ... There is a documentary with Dr Dráusio Varela in which he says that after a session of shared use of needles and syringes one of the users TENTED DRINK LIQUID!

All practices attributed to this level of risk present a possible risk for HIV virus contagion because they involve the exchange of bodily fluids. However, there are few reports of infection attributed to these activities (usually under certain identifiable conditions).

It would not constitute a of HIV virus infection

  • Injecting drugs with clean needles
  • The tattoo with professional equipment
  • The collection of blood in the mouth
  • Occupational exposure
  • Giving oral sex (whether by a man or a woman)
  • Vaginal or anal sex with condom
  • Transmission of the mother-to-child disease (in the Cidde and Saint Vincent was identified an 0% rate of vertical infections of the mother to the baby during childbirth, with the exception of one case, one the mother refused to take antiretroviral drugs based on belief that HIV does not cause AIDS (...)

High risk of HIV virus infection


All practices in this category present a potential risk for HIV virus contagion because they involve the exchange of bodily fluids. In addition, a significant number of scientific studies have repeatedly been associated with activities with HIV infection. There have been a number of confirmed infection reports along this route.

  • anal sex or unprotected vaginal
  • Injecting with shared needles

Now that you know the level of risk you ran, you can evaluate whether you really need to do an HIV test or not on page window period which opens in the same browser tab or, if you prefer to talk to someone, you can call the Disque AIDS of the Secretary of State of São Paulo (available throughout Brazil) and can be reached by 0800 16 50. I hope I have reached my goal of explaining to you The risks for HIV virus contagion,

In summary the vaginosis is not considered a Sexually Transmitted Infection pu IST for some experts because, according to them. Some of these bacteria that give rise to vaginosis can usually be found in humans. However, transmission also occurs through intimate contact or sexual intercourse.

Delicate things that are not risk behaviors for AIDS

Vaginal ring for HIV prevention is effective and acceptable

Consider the idea of ​​giving us some support because our operational cost is high and the money is personal

Thank you so much.

You may also want to visit the page Immune Window, the facts. There, a whole universe of situations can be a risk to HIV

As I mentioned the documentary, I'm putting it here.

Translated from Original in Risk Assessment Chart by Claudio Souza.

reviewed by Mara Macedo in 04 May 2016.

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  1. Good afternoon, in fact is not even comment, but a priori and whether the risk passed and whether or not a risk because I sought information here where I live is the that health professionals know how to say, whether or not to take the test, in short the dealings and extremely disdainful, as if such a professional does not spend every day for numerous risks, not only for AIDS, but other diverse.
    For this reason search the net for people understood that holds the knowledge on the subject is most often are professional in southern Brazil. I gave a ride to an athletic body white boy, shirtless and pants were ten, precisely at this time that the attentive demon and flesh cries, I just picked the white cock just to meet curiosity and temptation, the flaccid penis without stimulus no, no ejaculation and no sex, but it was very humid the penis of the boy and the big foreskin, I do not know if the humidity around the penis is worth pointing out and very little flaccid, it was urine or sweat, good when I see my not wet the less I left, but in one of the fingers noticed he had a small wound type skin with psoriasis, wound as if there pulled the skin, but no blood or secretions, such as a nail steak without blood, well not know serology the boy, but this risk I spent if it was really a risk, can I get HIV?

  2. Well, all this has little to do with the devil, my dear. Frankly I do not see risk of contamination. If you were to be detected in test for HIV and I find it interesting that you do the test, I think it has very little chance of being so. I do not know where u live and I'm wondering if you would not be a truck driver, a highly vulnerable to STDs in general; but I can not base myself in the "lift" event to assume that. I suggest you think about the last thirty days and if you can sleep soundly from now on without doing the test. If you do not feel well, please do the test. It's free, anonymous, safe and investigates beyond HIV syphilis and viral hepatitis. I live with HIV ha 22 years and I know that the key to my relative survival "intact" (all works fine except the nervous system) is due to my constant vigilance to my body and before any doubt I go to a hospital. If it were not so I would have died in 2005 when I had my first pulmonary embolism, or two years later, when I had a heart attack which, according to the doctor, was "fortunate" (in any case I had to do an angiogram) . So, friend, I suggest u think much at all this and see if it is not better, just in case, take the exam.

  3. Good night ... looks Cláudio am I just tinted? Cause ten who come sei to think that possibility of being serum converting msm with 2 negative tests I have felt my dry bocaeia and a dry cough ... I confess I do not know q do to end this misery. ... I think em.qualquer time she will dispertar ... q I do ... thank god bless you!

  4. This is not a form of HIV transmission. HIV is only transmitted in unprotected sex, sharing of injecting drug use paraphernalia, blood transfusions whose donor is HIV positive and the blood has not been tested (this, in Brazil, is a very remote possibility) and the use derived from blood, such as, for example, medications, which may also be considered an ephemeris in Brazil. Loosen your heart because if you are HIV positive the reason will certainly have been different. If you have no reason, beyond that you mentioned, there is no reason for you to fear (ô word) this disease

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