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Five antiretroviral combinations associated with increased risk of cardiovascular event

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Algu8ns of us, due to the long duration of treatment; I for example, we take many medications. MAs not all for HIV. My antiretroviral therapy is composed of 3 tablets once a day and that would be all, was not the last dismal with very high doses of medication in dosages that a doctor came to my last comment before me, with sadness in his eyes, 'My God , how could I do that to you? ' I redargui it was the knowledge they had and, perhaps, was not why I'm still alive, despite many pills I take, and that, according to a neurologist who comes to me, told me he can not pass me any other medicine because I'm on the verge of a "drug poisoning." I do not care!> I do not give, and it is to be alive, despite the worst predictions I received!

Treatment with four or five combinations of anti-HIV drugs is associated with an increased risk of a cardiovascular event, researchers from the United States reported in the online edition of Clinical- Infectious Diseases.

But the authors emphasize that the absolute risk of an event was low and suggest "the primary consideration in the choice of ART [antiretroviral therapy], the therapeutic scheme should be administered taking into account its efficacy for HIV and organic tolerability.

In situations in which equally effective therapeutic regimens are available, physicians should consider the potential elevated risk of cardiovascular events, particularly in patients who are older or who have cardiovascular risk factors. "

The life expectancy of many people with HIV is basically normal now (translator's note: dir would 70 years or more). However, cardiovascular disease is a major cause of serious illness and death in people with HIV. The reasons for this are not yet fully understood. It is thought that traditional risk factors play an important role, as well as the inflammatory effects of HIV infection. But anti-HIV agents, especially abacavir and protease inhibitors, have been associated with an increased risk of a cardiovascular event in some studies.

Anti-HIV therapy consists of a treatment with a combination of at least three antiretroviral drugs. Therefore, it is important to know whether certain drug combinations can increase the risk of events cardiovascular7eg.

To answer this question, the researchers developed a study involving 24.510 people with HIV enrolled in veterans whose records showed that they received combined antiretroviral therapy between the years of 1996 and 2009.

"We chose to evaluate the most effective drug combinations because drugs are always used in combination," the authors explain. "It is possible that drug combinations may cardiovascular8is in a way that could not be discovered by evaluating only individual medications, or by evaluating drug classes, as previous studies have done. "

Fifteen specific medications and 23 combinations were considered in the researchers' analysis. Integrase inhibitors and newer non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs) were not included, but more old drugs such as indinavir, nelfinavir and full-dose ritonavir were included.

Study participants had an initial mean age of 47 years. Almost half (47%) had a history of smokingcardiovascular and 12% showed evidence of diabetes. Although less than 1% of individuals have experienced an event cardiovascular9 in the baseline, about 18% have taken statins for a year or more. The authors believe that the high prevalence of risk factors cardiovascular10 made this population particularly suitable for examining the association between different antiretroviral drugs and the combinations and risk of events cardiovascular11es - heart attack, stroke, percutaneous coronary intervention (angioplasty) and myocardial revascularization surgery.

During the 16,4 years of follow up, 934 people had an event cardiovascular12.

The study examined the relationship between current exposure of drug combinations at the time of an event rather than cumulative exposure.

Current treatment with four individual drugs was associated with this result:

  • Lamivudine (OR = 1,53; IC95% 1,34 -1.75)
  • To Abacavir (OR = 1,50; IC95% 1,26 -1,79)
  • Efavirenz (OR = 1,40; IC95% 1,19 -1.66)
  • Zidovudine (OR = 1,41, IC 95%, 1.22-1 -63)

Current therapy with five therapeutic regimens was also associated with increased risk of an event cardiovascular13 .

  • Abacavir / lamivudine / atazanavir (OR = 2,08; IC95% 1,41 -3.06)
  • Zidovudine / lamivudine / atazanavir (OR = 2,04; IC95% 1,37 -3,02)
  • Abacavir / lamivudine / efavirenz (OR = 1,94; IC95% 1,34 -2.79)
  • Zidovudine / lamivudine / efavirenz (OR = 1,60; IC95% 1,25 -2,04)
  • Zidovudine / abacavir / lamivudine (OR = 1,60; IC95% 1,21 -2,11).

The authors emphasize that their analyzes are designed to take into account competing risk factors. The results were similar in a secondary analysis, involving therapies of four and two combinations of drugs.

"Our study is the first to assess the association between antiretroviral drug combinations and event risk cardiovascular14es ", comment the researchers. "Five combinations were implicated by our primary analysis."

But researchers urge caution in interpreting their findings.

"To provide some context for our results, we have found that the absolute risk of events cardiovascular15for our cohort is twice as high as that of a population with risk factors cardiovascular16 (approximately 4% versus 1,8%). The absolute risk, however, is still low. We suggest doctors interpret our findings in light of the relatively low absolute risk of events cardiovascular17is ".

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Desai M. et al. Risk of cardiovascular20 Events associated with current exposure to HIV antiretroviral therapies in a US veteran population. Clin Infect Dis, online edition, 2015.

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