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Yes! Ethics is taught at ESPM, I say, emphatically!

A few months ago I published a very hard text, asking if it teaches ethics in ESPM.

There was an incident that led me to publicly question how my open, sincere and well-known way of acting, labeled, including "bitter in words" ...

This is due to a "Break of agreement" Between me and a couple of young students!

In fact, they wanted, with all good intentions, to portray the lives of people living with HIV or AIDS.

Today, I can say without fear of error that:

Yes! ESPM is taught ethics, a sincere answer to a question that I posed myself!

This dealt with matters, facts thoroughly resolved, resolved, forgotten, and liquidated.

Well, after that, I was invited to meet ESPM and participate in an interview program called "Linkados en el Area."

And, I confess, I still regret having committed such a hard attack on ESPM.

Anyway, I have learned to think more and in a positive way.

Seeking to be less belligerent ...

This is the most important part of something that, they say, I have to spare: Resilience.

And I realized that, in fact, ethics is taught at ESPM!

Anyway, I met people who were kind, polite, chaste and "unarmed", and by the way ...

Even the young couple who made a mistake, a byproduct of our human condition and fallible.

There was no malicious intent to contradict me; They were in my house with a heart full of good intentions, goodwill and affability, but ... inexperienced ... without the experience to evaluate a detail that would have been what it is:

Um detail!...

How much in my life did not end with the "asses in the water" simply because I was young and inexperienced? Oh my God!

... just thinking about it comes a tremor in my hands (...).

Well, I would like to name the names of the people who participated in this work, and I will do so soon after the publication of the "Linkados na Area" program.

Even though I have a duty to give them the opportunity to express themselves as they wish or not to have their names written here on Soropositivo.Org, a site that deals with a problem that has not been solved for almost four decades.

A little history of ESPM

Well, there is an informative void in the system and ESPM did, with me and my site ( a small but very important paper with this interview because, in fact, to the honorable exception of the Taz, when it indicated my site in the program of the Culture, the Showcase, Unprecedented

Yes! This is one of the best and most reputed schools I have ever met and I recommend that if you have a vocation for advertising or marketing click on the link below and know a little of the history of ESPM:

Without a shadow of a doubt, she acted with propriety, professionalism, communicability and ethical fiber, directing the situation to a higher level now outdated, but at that time very complex and delicate and was solved with some polite and serene conversations.

"Nobody" better than the school itself to tell its story and, decidedly, Ethics is taught in ESPM and this (ethics) is very important to them : )
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