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Rays that fall ... from How ESPM discovered me and discovered Soropositivo.Org

This page is the result of everything I did wrong, in a moment of fury, that ESPM, in the person of its director Elisabete, knew how to value my work: SOROPOSITIVO.ORG

Elisabete ... Thanks for everything. I do not think I'll ever have another moment like this, no matter how long I live!

In it, lightning strikes a character and he becomes "the fastest man in the world" ...

There is controversy over this aspect of being the fastest man in the world ...

Well ... it's more or less as soon as ESPM Director Elisabete came into my life like lightning, praised my work and proposed that I go through an interview with an ESPM show, talk show, and talk about my work , About the site, about the moment now more delicate than when I gave the interview and I accepted the invitation.

I would very much like to be able to remember every name, every person who participated in this work, but the cognitive losses I have suffered do not allow this, and to my relief, the credits are all at the end of the interview and I would like Just to express all my gratitude for the decency with which I, the person and I, the activist, were treated.

It is the first time I give an interview and it is not mutilated or ends up having its sense cowardly reduced to dust or even perverted.

I thank everyone and it is more a matter of respect to the incredible human being that is Daniel Ladeira, that I do not put on line what he told me.

But I will extract it from the cell phone and save the file as a kind of jewel that can not even be mined. They only come to those who deserve it, and I, I dare to believe, believe that I deserve this jewel.

Watch the video, and the credits, because everyone there was wonderful, each one in his role.

The world would be much better if all the people who inhabit it simply did what was done that afternoon.
Fulfill with correction, the part that you were given to do for God ... (...) ...

When I grow up, I will want to do journalism like this!

I feel a lot made, somehow honored ... Or graceful, brimming with luck by being picked in the middle of an asteroid storm that gave me the opportunity to make myself seen as I really am, without editing tricks , without "Oh! Forgive us! "Anyway, I take this page to tell people that I was also an affiliate of ASHOKA social entrepreneurs, that I received a modest" Exemplary Citizen "diploma from the Citizenship Portal, which, unfortunately, seems to have come out of the network in definite, probably for the same reason that I fear one day I reach:

Lack of financial resources ... a pity!

If you watch the bluish line of my site you will see that it has ups and downs. The lows were from moments when my money was gone and I literally got two, three, five days off line and it made me disindex and there I was again doing SEO to recover my rankings

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