HIV Prevention and Treatments the Truth About Condoms and Safety.

The Truth About Condoms Is What They Work !!!
all this is very good! But only with condoms

2.Quão often burst condoms?

Used condoms on a street.

The studies do not agree on an exact rate overflow. Many studies on the effectiveness of condoms counted how often women whose partners used condoms for birth control and became pregnant. This "fee" failure includes cases where the couple did not use a condom every time they had intercourse or have used condoms incorrectly. Some studies included the times the condom was torn accidently by the people who used them. Studies in other countries, on overflow caused by defects in the condom itself show a burst rate ranging from 0% to 7%. In the United States, most studies show that the overflow rate is less than 2 for each 100 preservatives, probably for less than 1 100.

(CDC Bulletin, 28 January 1993, also talking about the Truth About Condoms.)

Studies have shown that condoms are effective 98 when used correctly. (Other studies show effectiveness even better) So if you are having sex, use a condom, and learn to use it. Use it correctly.

Now, about sex education: no scientific study has proven the effectiveness of sexual abstinence. In fact, three studies have shown that abstinence based on education is having no effect; Adolescents continue to have sex. (S. Christopher and M. Roosa, "An Evaluation of a Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Program," and "Just Say Quite to No": Family Relations, 39: 1990-68, M. Roosa, and S. Christopher , "Evaluation of a Single Abstinence Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program, A Replication, Family Relationships, 72 (39), 1990-363, and SR Jorgensen, V. Potts, and B. Camp, Six Month Follow-Up of A Pregnancy Prevention Program for Teens, Family Relations, 367 (42): 1993-401.)

On the other hand, there is convincing evidence that "inclusive education" or "based on reality" (the kind that we advocate) is effective. Countries like England, Wales, France and the Netherlands that have adapted to sex education based on the reality of the facts had the teen pregnancy rates reduced from two to seven times while sexual activity rates remain about the same (50-60 %)! (EF Jones et al, pregnancy "Teenager in developed countries: determinants and implications".. Policy birth control PROSPECTS, 17 (2), 1985, 53-63.)

So why are people claiming that the exact opposite is true? It's hard to say; But I know there is a very conservative and fanatically religious group who are spreading lies about safe sex and sex education in an effort to impose their moral system around the world without regard to the catastrophic consequences for our lives, freedom, and persecution of happiness ". Fight back with the facts.

Editor's Note: The truth about condoms is that it can never be proven that the encouragement of sexual abstinence would be effective against HIV and AIDS. After my seroconversion I never connected with anyone else without the use of condoms and thanks to that I never transferred the virus to another host!

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