My name is Guilherme I have 40 years, I live near Passo Fundo

And the people close to Passo Fundo do not even imagine the drama lived by Guilherme

Good evening, my name is Guilherme. I have 40 years, I live Near Passo Fundo.

I am separated to 2 years and 3 months, never betrayed my wife and yet after separation I got involved with several women and I confess that in some cases I did not take care due.

After some time interacting with other women, my ex-wife and I rehearsed a return, and made love to her (yes, I only did LOVE with my ex-wife) without a condom and soon after she began to present some health problems Strangers. Some marks or patches on the body, mouth sores, fever, navels, fatigue and other things more.

We did practice tests, but he did not charge anything, and I was really upset about all of this. I did not sleep well, the food had no taste, the remorse corroded inside me, and my greatest regret was the possibility of having infected my wife. A thousand times I would rather know that only I was sick, but never the woman I loved (strange love).

It was through this site here and from Cláudio, Seropositivo.Org, that I found help because I was afraid to talk about it with other people who could very well discriminate against me without even being sure if I was even infected.

I was encouraged to take the exam respecting the time interval of the immunological window and was guided on how I should act before and after the diagnosis (including with the preparation of a mass in the form of thanks for being without the virus despite so many exposures Consecutive, all in a good mood to take the strain that was on me, lol).

Despite this, I only had eyes and ears for my ex-wife's situation, I would trade my health for her (as if that were possible). I did as Claudio advised me, an examination after 30 days of the last risk relationship.

Guys, thank God it's okay with me, I repeated the exam again 30 days after the last result and again gave non-reagent.

By table I understood that my ex-wife was also healthy but subtly managed to include in her routine exams a fast HIV test in the CTA and everything is fine with her too. I am very grateful to Claudio not only for the technical guidance I received from him, always with his own remarks that made me remember that he, Claudio, is not a health professional but a citizen who is fortunately winning the battle against this virus day after day Over a little over twenty years. But I am especially grateful for the reassuring way in which he treated my case, making me glimpse multiple possibilities both of being without any virus and all of it being paranoia of mine (something quite common in cases like mine), of how I can lead a happy life Despite a positive diagnosis.

After all this I reviewed my behavior in the face of sex, of life, and of the real sense of being happy. Guys, the best pillow to sleep in peacefully is a clear conscience.

Do your part and live in peace with yourself, thank you my God, thank you Claudio!

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