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Rates of death by suicide among people with HIV is 2%

MoSuicide among people with HIV is 2%. Double the general population

death by suicide among people with HIV is 2%Look ... I should not expose myself like this. The truth is that I expose myself and thus I do it completely. I remember at least eight or nine suicide attempts. And, for the sake of truth, I always miss 0,5mg at less than the fatal dose. People often "try suicide" in desperate action, for all we want is to be heard. Unfortunately some people "miss the hand" or are hit by something unexpected and die without being heard or understood.

I heard a character from a fantastic TV series talk about a suicide attack in which many people died and he was among those who survived because he was in a "distant zone" ... and he narrates with immense clarity that the shock wave of suicide spreads into waves and creates zones of destruction that are gradually and gradually more frightening when we move from out into the "epicenter" of suicide. There, I think, is the biggest victim, the one or the one who has not been heard ... Just in case ... I crossed the Hell to many times point to point and I could not support all that stuff again

Men living with HIV have a high suicide rate, especially in the first year after diagnosis, according to a fifteen-year study of nearly 90,000 people diagnosed with HIV in England and Wales when compared against population. Sara Croxford England presented the results for the British HIV Association (BHIVA) conference Liverpool yesterday.

"Our findings to highlight the need for a deconstruction of the stigma surrounding HIV, denied what was said in those times when nobody knew anything and religious (sic) of bad nature helped to construct a myth, still existing, in which the person with HIV are victims of the "Wrath of God" as well as the need for improvements in psychosocial support and routine screening for depression and abuse of alcohol and psychotropic drugs, illicit or not, particularly at the time of diagnosis, "she said .

It has appeared as a cause of death in numerous studies on suicide among people with HIV.

In addition, high rates of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts have been seen in numerous cohorts and investigations.

The study is based on a comprehensive national cohort of all 88.994 people diagnosed with HIV in England and Wales between 1997 and 2012. These data were linked to the National Institute of Statistics' death data, using pseudo-identifiers made anonymous. Mortalities reported by clinical aspects of HIV infection were also included.

suicide among people with HIV

Often people do not even have this: A place to lean and cry

By the end of 2012, deaths had been recorded in 6% of the cohort (5302 people), representing a mortality rate of all causes of 118 per person 10.000 years. The mortality rate was six times higher (600%) in people with HIV than in the general population. Delays in testing, joint care and treatment were the main factors that contributed to this increased mortality.

The most important causes of death were AIDS defining illness (58%), almost always in individuals who were diagnosed too late. More than half of the people who died of AIDS had never attended care clinics for people living with HIV without clinical care or had never taken ART for HIV.

Other causes of death are cancer (8%), cardiovascular disease or stroke (8%), opportunistic infections (8%), liver disease (5%), substance abuse (3%) and suicide (2%).

Looking for 96 kills suicide among people with HIV more in detail, 91 occurred in men, with similar rates in homosexual and heterosexual men. Rates were high in injecting drug users compared to other groups. Women's suicide rates were not higher than those in the general population and are minorities in suicide-related suicide statistics among people with HIV.

Comparing suicide rates in men with HIV to rates in men in the general population of the same age group (expressed as normalized mortality rates or RLG), the suicide death rate among people with HIV is 2% which was double of the general population (ARM 2.2).

Four in ten suicides occurred in the first year after diagnosis. During this time, the suicide rate in males was five times higher than among the general population (ARM 5.3).

There was no evidence of a drop in suicides over the study period, 1997 to 2012. Deaths from suicide among people living with HIV have occurred in people who are or are not linked to health care, people in treatment and those who have abandoned treatment.

While the researchers do not have data on behavioral or social factors that may explain the findings of this study, particularly the high suicide rate in the first year of a reactive HIV diagnosis, they suggest that stigma, difficulties in adapting to the new postdoctoral reality mental health care and lack of supportive services to contribute to suicide.

Translated by Claudio Souza's original Suicide among people diagnosed with HIV Not yet reviewed. Online Psychiatry Blog: WHO Manual on Suicide Prevention


Croxford S et al. Suicide accounts for 2% of deaths in people with HIV, twice the rate of the general population in England and Wales compared to the general population. British HIV Association conference, abstract O16, Liverpool, April 2017.

Croxford S et al. Mortality and causes of death in people diagnosed with HIV in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy compared to the general population: an analysis of a national observational cohort. Lancet Public Health 2: e35-e46, 2017. (Full text freely available).

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