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Pharmacists have no interest in HIV cure

Interested in healing? I do not believe ...

Cure? lolIt is always good to see, in any serious place, someone who has a true similarity of concept and, when I gave up, I was on theContact Us | where I found the article entitled "Pharmaceutical companies should not pretend to be interested in cures because they are not. So far as I know, it is not often that they fund research into "healing search".

All that is written there has a lot of resonance in my mind, and honestly, this "quest for healing" can be very dramatic and intense when illness can be transmitted through social contact, or through its simple presence on the side of the individual who, without know, work as a vector; because in this case even they could lose their lives or lose the lives of their loved ones ....

It is much more profitable to treat than to avoid or seek a cure, and this is a very interesting metric when we talk about treating people living with HIV or AIDS, given the terrible construction of the myth of HIV infection and AIDS ...

There is no logic, for them it is not different;

They do not care about a cure.

Note that each patient may represent a "$ 12.00,00 annually" nest egg and no one wants to miss something like this ... well, I think I set my point of view on all of this .... Because

Richard Roberts, Nobel Prize winner in medicine in the 1990 years, is a well-known contemporary British personality and is far from a leftist. He is in favor of transgenics and is one of the directors of a biotechnology industry. It also defends all emphasis on public funds in the research sphere, side by side with private research. Therefore, it is presumed that he has not read Marxist texts seriously.

However, it is his statement above that "pharmaceutical companies should not pretend to be interested in cures," because they are not. As far as I know, it is not often that they fund research in the search for cures. " [This statement can be found on the, as regards 14 / 7 / 14, entitled: The cure drug is not cost-effective for pharmaceuticals].

Anyway, I, Cláudio Souza, do chorus and sympathy with the thesis on gender, number and degree. With the difference I call them what they are: Insatiable Malta of wolves that do not even respect the suffering of their mothers ... If it is that they have or have had a ...

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