Brazilian plant, pulchellin, capable of killing cells contaminated with HIV

Pulchellin, protein extracted from a climbing plant found in the Northeast can help kill cells with HIV

Pulchellin is able to exterminate HIV-infected cells


According to biomolecular physicist Mohammad Sadraeian, the author of the project, the current drugs for the treatment of HIV, called antiretroviral therapy, decrease the amount of virus in the blood, but do not act those hidden in the organism.

The toxin capable of exterminating HIV is pulchellin extracted from the plant Abrus pulchellus tenuiflorus.

"There are immunotoxins on the market that are effective in treating cancer cells. But they are not able to kill sleeping cells, like cells infected with HIV"He explains.

According to the Ministry of Health, there are 827 thousand people carrying HIV, the AIDS virus, in Brazil. Worldwide, 36,7 millions of people live with the disease, according to UNAIDS, a UN program to fight HIV.

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