What is AIDS? What HIV Life Cycle

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What is AIDS
Do not play with your life. AIDS does have treatment. Ms are far from the cure and treatment is difficult, complicated, with a huge range of side effects. Your life is worth more than a fuck!

First the basics: what is AIDS?

AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is a condition caused by a virus called HIV. This virus attacks the immune system, the body's "security team" that fights infections. When the immune system is broken, you lose this protection and can develop many serious and often fatal infections and cancers. These are called "opportunistic infections (IOs)" because they take advantage of weakened body defenses. You may have heard someone say someone else "died of AIDS." This is not entirely true, since it is the opportunistic infection that causes death. AIDS is the condition that drives IO to take office.

After you can resolve the doubt and understand What is AIDS? you need to go a little further and seek to understand what is HIV.

HIV is a virus, such as the cold or flu. A virus is nothing more than a set of instructions to make new viruses, wrapped some fat, protein or sugar. No living cells, a virus can not do anything - it's like a brain without a body. To make more viruses (and to all the other nasty things that viruses do), a virus must infect a cell. HIV primarily infects CD4 cells, also known as T helper cells or T-cells. These are white blood cells that coordinate the immune system to fight disease, much like the quarterback of a football team. Once inside the cell, HIV starts to produce thousands of small viruses, which eventually kill the cell and then go to other cells to infect them. All products available on the market to treat HIV work to interfere in this process. See, was not so hard, was it?

Again: What is AIDS: How is HIV transmitted? Are you infected? If you visited this site looking for information about HIV because you think you may be infected - but you have not been tested, or have questions about the tests give us a day because I will publish an article for that at o4 / 12 / 2014.

Meanwhile, read the following below to better understand how "live" HIV

Reinforcing: What is AIDS?

What is the Life Cycle of HIV?


bacteria on white background

For a virus to reproduce, they must infect a cell. Viruses are not technically alive: they are a kind of disembodied brain. To make new virus, they must hijack a cell and use it to make new viruses. Just as your body is constantly producing new skin cells, or new blood cells, each cell usually produces new proteins to stay alive and to reproduce. Viruses hide their DNA in the cell's DNA, and then, when the cell tries to make new proteins, it accidentally makes new viruses as well. HIV infects mostly, cells in the immune system.

Infection: Many different types of cells have proteins on their surface that are called CD4 receptors. HIV looks for cells that have CD4 receptors on the surface, because this particular protein enables the virus to bind to the cell. Although HIV infects a variety of cells, its main target is the lymphocyte-T4 (also called the T-helper cell), a type of white cell that has many CD4 receptors (a kind of lock that allows or of that particular chemical agent or element that can also give access to a life form that is harmful to the host). The T-4 cell is responsible for alerting your immune system that there are intruders in the system.

Reply: Once HIV binds to a cell, it hides the HIV DNA within the cell's DNA: this transforms the cell into a type of HIV factory.


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