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Did you just receive an "HIV Reagent"? Get Ready: Your Life Is Changing

Reagent You see, this is the set of objects used in laboratories. The only ones whose names I remember, test tubes and pipettes, are not in the picture, pqp. But what I want to say is that to detect the presence of HIV, after the immune window of 30 days. And that is enough for everything to be resolved, and there is not one that a friend created "without falling into the blood" (unintelligible expression). It is much simpler to detect and diagnose with a simple exam, which I show just below
HIV Reagent Reagent, seropositive, HIV positive. Choose one of these settings, but start accepting the idea of ​​living with HIV. Memo because in one way or another you will come to accept the idea of ​​living with HIV. Look at the top of the BLOG: The Slogan is "There Living with HIV"! That is, in general terms, what is written in the image that I will put a little below, which is the background of the first page, the first version of this blog, at a time when there was even the concept "Blog"!

If you just discovered that it is HIV reagent, you're probably starting to look around and get some info on what that means. You may also want to know what you can do about it.

Reading this text can be a great place to start. You are taking the first step on the long path of learning to live with HIV.

Pode to think that not ... but you can be HIV reagente and things to be well "

The first thing you need to know is that everything can be fine, as incredible as it may seem.

You will not die right away for being HIV reagent.You do not have to tell everyone that you are HIV positive because no one has absolutely anything to do with it except the people with whom you have had unprotected sex. You need to start thinking about communicating these people. They have the right to be alerted and, like you, to try to test themselves and, at their own discretion, to face this reality or not.

In this image, a screen shot of the page that was the first I had the courage to publish. The idea is not, it was not mine. In fact, this image, and another one that also circulates through the site, deals with this, of not being afraid or prejudiced, that seeks to inform itself. And this is what I have been trying to do: Inform and inform you! If you click

But the most important thing is that you do not have to pretend that everything is as it was before, because it is not. Just remember that your life is no longer as it was, something has changed and you need time to manage the impact of this news and deal with this new reality.

While there's life, even though there is hope, there is still God. And while there is God, there will be love. Donate therefore love ...

It is normal for you to feel a spade of different feelings and even doubts about how you will come to accept the idea of ​​living with HIV and what is important to understand is that there is life with HIV.

Receiving an HIV diagnosis changes your life forever. It is normal for you to feel the object of a lot of different emotions about how you will come to accept the idea of ​​living with HIV.

Maybe you're calm and surprised, or maybe (???), maybe you're in a panic, and maybe you were "in a good mood" with all this until someone gives you a faint note. Maybe you wanted to drink and have a little fun or be self-absorbed, thoughtful.

What you can not do is stay HIV Reagent and inaction forever, this is what you can not do!

Whatever you feel is really important to tell yourself that everything is okay and it is important that you allow yourself to experience these feelings.

It is a good idea to leave them in your mind or spirit, as you prefer ... be sad, be confident, calm, fear, or be insensitive. If you get overwhelmed by your feelings, try to be careful not to hurt yourself or those around you. Consider getting support from mental health professionals, friends and family, and especially from other people living with HIV. Talking about your feelings can help a lot.

An insert of mine, a year after having published this text, and that forces me to republish it today, is that a few days ago I saw, in a friend's house, the photo of the first person that I could trust secret size and I remembered staying in the hall of the building where she lived, in 24 years so much has changed ...
... and I remembered hearing the following question from her: - "It will be, Clôude (she called me in this particular inflection of my name) that if you received successive transfusions of blood you would be cured"? - "No, Mrs. Andrada e Silva (this was the change I gave by name) the newly inserted blood would be contaminated in seconds and, in addition, that would be willing to do so many transfusions like this, with the risk of anemia or even, know Why, God, why become infected with another disease, or mine? Who would do that? " Then she caught my face with the softness of the first mists of Avalon and said, in a voice even more her own: - "I".
And I started crying. Ms. Andrada e Silva, your ability to love your neighbor goes far beyond that of anyone who may have entered and left my life except Mara's.

Your silence represents darkness to me. What have I done !?

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