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Young people HIV positive: Why do they "die so soon"?


Editor's note about HIV-positive young people

Claudio Souza - Seropositive from 1994

Translated by Claudio Souza

This question, which concerns people's lives a great deal young people living with HIV, formulated in another way in "my" Facebook community, made me think about this subject and did it really ... I started writing about six days ago, I want to believe, and I put myself in the position of who wants to respond and the as I progressed in writing, but it raised me ... to make the answer a blog post instead of an answer in a small HIV-positive community on Facebook.

So I decided to write the answer and I'm not very confident about the fact that it is complete or "one hundred percent correct" and that's more or less why I threw some bottles overboard in an effort to obtain support

Saints, good afternoon. What happens, that leads people to "die prematurely" is not HIV infection or AIDS. It is the "parallel complications", broadly speaking, are opportunistic infections or diseases and some cancers known as "AIDS-defining".

Young HIV positive people contract and die of AIDS because they put aside the condom after the first encounter ...

That is to say, in the almost vain attempt to demystify, that the person living with HIV will not die because of a "fluff" ...

Young people seropositive: Why do so many people "die so soon"?But it is also worth saying that, on a large scale, the great cause of these deaths is the eternal failure not to take the test, either by fear or by impossibility ... I have talked to people who live in sub cities, because in order to get to a health post and to do an HIV test there is a trip of two, three and up to six hours by boat and get a reactive result or not; when the reagent comes, there still comes the sad complication that there is only one place to withdraw the medication and it remains, perennially, the damn question:

"If I go there, will everyone know what I have? ... Will my life end up like this?

And a good part of these people choose not to test or not to treat themselves and this, surely is certain death, although all the deaths are certain !!! But there are others and others in big cities.

As long as there is a bourgeoisie ...

And it is in this way, a small image in a kaleidoscope, that many opt, unconsciously, for premature death; in fact they are pushed to death by society, hypocritical and smelly (Cazuza is quite right to say: ...: "As long as there is no bourgeoisie there will be no poetry" ...) ...

People were looking for me through the zap until yesterday, and starting today, October twenty-two, two thousand and seventeen, no more, afraid to take the exam and find out the worst.

This is a big mistake because I do not know a single case of anything in which to ignore a problematic situation where _fuga_ could have led to a better or less tragic outcome; the problem, I think, must be seen from the front and preferably on its territory.


Young people seropositive: Why do so many people "die so soon"?


Bringing a Sun Tzu teaching, the art of war, if you do not want to have problems with an opponent, draw a line from which he should not pass and defend it in such a way that it does not pass from it and there will be no war. This is just to make you think, of course. But, say, if a person is diagnosed with Tuberculosis and tested for HIV, receiving a reactive diagnosis, this is not an enviable situation, but rather something that we should run away at all costs because, in theory, the outcome can be a two worst ....

If the disease "HIV infection" is left to run loose it will, day after day, decrease our CD4 cell count and if this count drops below a certain value an AIDS case will be established. I do not want to generate alarm or depression because there is a way for everything, except for death, and therefore everything that the person needs and must MUST ACCESS HIS TREATMENT WITH DRACONIAN AND SPARTAN DISCIPLINE if he wants to live.

Do not Test

I tell you that the great sin (force of expression) of people is not to test themselves, despite having unprotected sex. (IN TRUTH THE GREAT AND MAJESTIC SIN IS TO RELATE SEXUALLY WITHOUT CONDOM). So the "thing" walks and gets complicated and, as you yourself said, young people and HIV positive people die at thirty, maybe less, which is a pity ☹

Young people with HIV: Why so many people "die so early" and do not share responsibilities ...

Young people with HIV: Why do so many people "die so early" and share no responsibilities? ... It is very important that both have a condom to the ankle quickly. With two condoms, two orgasms, right?

Behavior or Ratio of Risk?

You see, the person could, for example, after a risky behavior, I prefer to say risk behavior to risk ratio, should wait for the immunological window time, which the Ministry of Health advocates of thirty days for 99% of cases and sixty days for this "remaining 1%", and take the exam!

It is a good idea to seek, before completing 72 hours after the behavior or risk situation, at any health facility, UPA, AMA, weaning and all, any public emergency and search for PEP, which is, in short, an expression that in good Portuguese, Prophylaxis after Exposure or, PPE.


This PEP can prevent even after having had contact with HIV, PREVENT that HIV INFECTION IS ESTABLISHED AT ONCE BY ALL IN YOUR ORGANISM!

HIV Testing

The SUS HIV test is as reliable, or more, than that of any laboratory

If this deadline has passed, good judgment insists that you take the test to be sure about your current serology and, if it is already reagent, you will have to find a way to warn your contact so that they can also test themselves, if they are treated, make judgments, start using condoms in their sexual relations and break the chain of contagion that always opens up in a fan, progressing geometrically. Yes, it is true that being undetectable makes it very difficult to transmit HIV and, in particular, to have syphilis, gonorrhea, HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases - pubic pediculosis is not an infection, but an infestation - there is also a possibility of a viral blip , which I have already seen to be trivialized as an intercurrence with no greater meaning (...), which could lead to a contagion and the condom, I had wanted to know about it for more than twenty years, it is not like sucking bullet with paper and also avoids an unwanted, unplanned pregnancy, a pregnant teenager who usually falls alone with the "consequences of these acts of love" and is certainly an authentic proof of love, the use of condoms.

OPORTUNIST DISEASES - Click here to find the contents of this compendium(Open in another tab)

Anyway, my friend, people, and unfortunately, can die with trina years old, or less, although we can, according to

Young seropositive

Love…. "Ahhhh ... love"

advocated my infectious, live to be ninety years old, simply because they discovered HIV infection at an advanced stage in history, better known as AIDS or AIDS, which is the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome and, with it already exposed to the risk of opportunistic diseases like Pneumocystosis or PCP, Kaposi's Sarcoma , Hodgkin's lymphoma and other opportunistic diseases that, with an already too low CD4 cell count, make everything much more difficult to face, since we rarely manage to face this situation head-on and, even worse, having to face it in their own personal territory. Not everyone is Bob Volpe, not everyone is Bia Pacheco, not everyone is Silvinha Almeida, not everyone is Paul Giacomini, who are masters of the resilience I respect, and in my foolish and stupid way, I love unconditionally and I apologize to the unnamed, but it is that my memory has not been one of the best predicates of my personality.

There is life with HIV

Yes Yes it's true… There is life with HIV !!! But it is much simpler to live without HIV and all that is asked of us is that we relate to condoms one at a time, for this is, as a Great Mentor taught me, a great proof of self-love!

There are some links here that may be useful to you and who else find this text!

PS: Friends that I quoted here and who prefer not to be quoted, just communicate me 🙂 [wpedon id = "134109" align = "center"]
[1] There is a more than emerging outbreak of gonorrhea resistant to almost all antibiotics and this, for those who already had gonorrhea and know what it is, happens to be a great scourge in the life of that person ...
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