More undetectable time is less risk of rebound

The longer the viral load is undetectable, the less chance of a rebound.

The longer a patient is on HIV HAART and maintains an undetectable viral load, the lower the risk of HIV rebound, Canadian researchers report in the online edition of Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes.

"We found that once viral suppression is initially achieved, high levels of adherence were still needed to, at least during the first year, gain some" resilience to dosing errors.

Over time, however, the risk of viral rebound decreased gradually with sustained viral suppression, regardless of the level of adherence, "the researchers commented.


Nonetheless, the researchers emphasize that patients should take all their doses correctly and not make "misuse of this knowledge."

Note: It is not because a thing can be made that it should be done. This is repeated peremptorily in the question "undetectable is equal to non-transmitting, since it is already known that even with undetectable viral load in the blood plasma there may be sperm virus - to be translated.

Treatment with antiretroviral therapy may extend the life expectancy of HIV-positive patients to almost normal levels. My Infection, Dr A. already mentioned a patient close to 90 years!

Undetectable Viral Load

Undetectable viral load prevents a decrease in the amount of CD4 cells and this avoids conducting the immune system to an "Immunodeficiency"

Undetectable viral load viral blipes and latency of viral reservoirs were discarded

To get the most benefit from your treatment, patients need to take the same correct, draconian, and spartan terms. The best results are seen in subjects taking at least 95% of their doses.

Low adherence to or below this level has been associated with increased viral load and the development of drug-resistant virus and there is a risk of developing opportunistic infections and / or other AIDS-defining diseases.

Longer undetectable viral load time, lower rebound risk

However, Canadian researchers hypothesized that once initial HIV viral suppression was achieved after initiation of therapy, lower levels of adherence for short periods might not compromise the maintenance of undetectable viral load.

This would occur, it is assumed, because the amount of virus capable of reproducing decreases with the duration of the suppression.

Viral reservoirs may not be a problem!

The publisher of this site dares to write that perhaps this is also due to the fact that there is a certain latency between the period of discontinuation of the treatment (do not do this, especially if the reason was drinking in the ballad -pqp- or hiding the medication) and the triggering (sic) of the reproduction reactivated in the well-known "viral reservoirs".

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Longer undetectable viral load time, less risk of rebound and less chance of having scenes like this in our bodies where cells are being killed gradually and gradually

1305 patients

To test this theory, the researchers conducted a retrospective study, involving 1305 patients who started ART for the first time between 2000 and 2006. All patients achieved a viral load below 50 copies / ml (undetectable).

The researchers looked at the factors associated with a sustained increase in viral load above 400 copies / ml, discarding VIRAL BLIPS.

In general, 274 (21%) of the patients experienced a viral rebound. The median time of suppression below 50 copies / ml and a sustained viral load without rebound was two years.

Bounces undetectable viral load in females

Factors associated with increased viral load were, sad truth, be female, have a history of injecting drug use, have started treatment from 2000-2001.

Being younger, having resistance to first-line antiretroviral drugs and using an unboosted protease inhibitor (all p <0,01) are also complicating factors.

The duration of previous viral suppression was also very important!

Undetectable = a Non-transmissible! Só que não

The translator opens a note here, in red: yesterday, October 26, two thousand and seventeen, an article was published that tried to be an answer to the question of a subscriber of the Community Soropositivo.Org in Facebook inquiring, by surprise with an article that dealt with successful aging of people living with HIV, since he had observed that people young people and HIV positive people died at an early age (and is very premature, based on our current reality), until the thirties, thirties.

Late diagnosis is the key to unnecessary suffering

While you are not diagnosed the sand does not stop falling (think of every grain of sand as a CD4 cell) and you end up becoming immunodeficient

I spoke here of young HIV-positive people who were only found to be HIV-positive when, unfortunately, they were picked up front or opportunistic infection

Whether it be a opportunistic infection or a cancer defining AIDSSuch as Hodgkin's lymphoma, or an AIDS-defining disease, such as TB which, together with HIV infection, can be a tragic combination.

Sarkoma de Kaposi in the 80 and 90 decades. "Lucky" factor!

O Dr. Dráuzio Varella stated that those who were harvested by a Kaposi's sarcoma were lucky people because they eventually discovered AIDS with a less aggressive disease than pneumocystosis or a Non Hodgkins Lymphoma which was one of the first reviewers of this site, Amarilis in the fullness of his forty-three years.

There is life with HIV! But, my dear HIV positive young people ... (...) ... See how fragile our support is:

This is one of the beacons of this field and intricate maneuvers that is life with HIV and the other, which I did not mention there, in that post, is the fact told by me and some of the "middle" people, who told me, for example, that when the AIDS House was closed down by our very best "Governor-Elect" (I do not know how he does it) Geraldo Alckmin, the Gerald, banished us to Emilio Ribas, thes physicians have stated that AMCA patients have a greater commitment to treatment than those of other institutions.

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Every one of AIDS and Saudade of the Zerbini Foundation

And this, I affirm, is the result of a fantastic ideology of well-being for better treatment, applied by the first mentors of the house of AIDS and then of that institution of which I feel so homesick and so nostalgic that it is the Zerbini Foundation that cruelty among cruelty, left us in the hands of FMUSP.

Plus ultra, there is the silly practice of these young people to get the "so-dreamed Undetectable Viral Load". And ... ... what happens next ?!

Then ... immediately it is the complete and sudden disappearance of these people from the service centers after reaching this "goal"!

Better to die of AIDS than "vontAIDS" ???

Claudio Souza - Seropositive from 1994

I, Claudio Souza, pretending I'm not aging, in a jeans shirt with mirrored "aviator" glasses, on which I paid two dollars. KKKKKKK

This seems to me very much in line with the doctrine of many who came to me in heavy despair and mourning for themselves in my Whats App (this service was terminated) who told me that they lived, before the diagnosis, under the unintelligent motto in which one would be better "AIDS dying than *** VontAIDS ***".

And they who woke up from their daydreams (I am a confessed defendant and admit that literally and virtually DELINQUI IN THE FIELD OF SEXUALITY AND AFFECTIVENESS), as I woke up, with a reactive diagnosis on the face, thrown to the burn and the perplexity in the face of the complete discovery of what is a collection of sentences like this one below and my natural explosion:

  • "AIDS does not kill at once!
  • My God, how can I tell this to my parents?
  • How will I tell my wife?
  • How will I tell my husband?
  • For my (my) "ex"? to my / my boyfriend and who said they were worried about their partners and daughters because "they did not deserve" ...
  • How long Does an HIV-infected person take to transmit the virus?

Can someone deserve to be sick?


No one deserves to be sick in any way, except in the eyes of those who have pitched themselves on a pedestal of apparent virtue and have used it to freeze hearts and minds in webs and chains of prejudice, as well as cots and abysses ridden with liars and theological swindles ...

The media, the damn venal media

30 Coins

30 coins. It is more or less so that some sectors of the "media" are cherished by the ...

Misinformation or no information is, or are, the cause of these misfortunes, misunderstandings and sufferings and, for example, if the media invested only ten percent of the time it takes to overthrow governments (and I care little what are governments overthrown and / or ideologies or ideological ideologies) in order to enlighten people about HIV and AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases and adolescent pregnancies, and much suffering and an unknowable number of deaths and / or personal disasters, would be avoided! ... (...) ...

And the people mentioned above act in the narrated way, generating, in spite of scientists and doctors, health professionals and civil servants leading, still, to a crisis of resistance to medicines, where other people, (PEOPLE (!!!!!) who still they have not become aware of the need for condoms or, for this or that unjustifiable reason, they acquire, practically on a shelf (literally) HIV already resistant to several antiretrovirals and, worse, "pass the ball forward. Where will this stop? If nothing is done, in ten or forty years, we will have a humanitarian tragedy very similar to the nineties and eighties ...

Returning to the topic, longer time of undetectable viral load, lower risk of rebound, with each month of continuous suppression of HIV the risk of viral rebound fell in 8% !!!

At all levels of adhesion, the longer HIV was suppressed, the lower the risk of viral rebound.

For patients with a high adherence level (95% or more), the probability of recovery was 0,10 when viral load was suppressed for at least 12 months.

However, the probability was only 0,04 after the viral load was suppressed by 72 months (Six years).

Among individuals with moderate adherence (80% to 94%), the probability of recovery was 0,85, with suppression of a maximum of twelve months and 0,08 in 72 months.

For those with low adherence, the probability of recovery was of 0,68 after suppression of twelve 0,05 months and, after 72 months.

11% less susceptible to viral rebound

However, even afterwards, there has been a breakthrough in counting the duration of the suppression; patients who maintained adherence of at least 95% of their doses were 11% less likely to have a viral rebound than those with lower accessions.

Yes, but you can not or should not take your medications to fall into the ballad or hide drugs, I think I've said it a million times and it does not matter, because there are concepts that must be instilled in the mind of the player by force of repetition. Machado de Assis in Dom Casmurro

"Our results reinforce the message that individuals who sustained adherence, close to perfect adherence, tended to increase the likelihood of viral suppression in the long run.

However, they conclude that "because of the resilience of HAART [over-the-counter], it is possible that individuals can remain completely suppressed, even if there are a few doses of the medication missing."

Translated by Claudio Souza in 27 of October of original 2017 in Longer viral load is undetectable, lower risk of rebound, written by Michael Carter published in 20 of September of 2010. Reviewed by Mara Macedo.

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RV Lee et al. Risk of viral failure declines with duration of suppression on highly active antiretroviral therapy adherence level irrespective of. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr, advance online publication, September 16, 2010. (For abstract and link to article full text click here).

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