There were no new HIV infections in people using PrEP

. There were no new cases of HIV infection in individuals using PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis)

PrEP is for everyone and No new HIV infections

Among people using PrEP, there were no new HIV infections among the approximately 5000 people who started PrEPwith Truvada.

However, some individuals who sought PrEP but decided not to take it and there were, also,

There were those who left PrEP but stopped it and eventually became infected with HIV.


as I fumbled one day awakening with a left hook as I awoke

This cascade has created me a problem of interpretation and I am putting here as I understood * this * committing myself to look for "people who really understand" to corroborate this information.

The waterfall must be something like a person, who left PrEP.

And then, he was related to another person who is HIV positive and who "passes HIV".

HIV is passed to number one and it has found five more people and transmitted HIV to them.

That unprotected sexual intercourse contaminate, I a year, other 5 people ...

This thing sounds crazy, but it's not. The transmission chain is exponential and propagates geometrically

I know you have seen what it is to relate sexually without protection or without PrEP and "the size of the trouble ... (...) ... and all the complications. AIDS does not kill like Ebola in about seven to ten, maybe fifteen days, it eats away little by little and gives each new person a whole new immeasurable range of possibility when it comes to resilience because God knows how far a person infected person can carry this virus, person to person until one day, at least one of these people gone wild as I went one day, wakes up with a left hook on the chin ...

"Strategies are critically needed to ensure that patients start, restart or continue PrEP during periods of risk of contracting HIV," the researchers concluded.



Harvard Medical School, where this study on PrEP occurred

The growth of the "body of this research" has demonstrated that daily or on-demand PrEP using Truvada (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate / emtricitabine) is highly effective in preventing HIV infection when used consistently. Only 3 cases of insufficiency of pre-exposure prophylaxis have been reported under these circumstances

You can see the following reports automatically translated by Google Translator:

  1. CROI 2016 ,
  2. HIVR4P 2016
  3. CROI 2017

Julia Marcus da Harvard Medical School and colleagues from the Kaiser Permanente Permanent Research Division and the Kaiser San Francisco Medical Center, viewed the risk of PrEP failure more broadly, as occurs at any point along the continuum of care from the time a person sought, or was forwarded to PrEP through a consistent course using Truvada (Editor's note: unfortunately I've never seen anything similar in Brazil).

Most were men who have sex with other men.



Men who have sex with other men do not see themselves as "gay." And this makes it difficult to access them with regard to prevention against HIV infection. As well as other infections and sexually transmitted diseases and PrEP is a very important alternative in this difficult solution.

This study included 7124 people who sought or were referred to the Kaiser Permanent Northern California. Counted from July of 2012 until February of 2017. Most were men who have sex with other men.
Permanent Northern California is an integrated system that provides a comprehensive range of medical services.

This range of care and for more than 4 millions patients.

And it has one of the largest PrEP programs in the US Kaiser researchers reported earlier.

English) without new HIV infections among their PrEP users.

However, they found that there were high rates of infection when it was sexually transmitted. And there have been two rare cases of sexual transmission of the hepatitis C virus in seronegative homosexual men.

Of those sought or were referred for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, 26 members (0,4%) were diagnosed with HIV.

This is already during your PrEP eligibility assessment. Of the remaining individuals 70% started PrEP and 30% chose not to do so.


Among the 4991 people who started prophylaxis at the mean time of use - estimated from the time the first prescription Truvada was filled until the last one who abandoned the Pre Exposure Prophylaxis, regardless of failures in use, was 12,4 months. There was no statistically speaking new HIV infections for more than 5000 people / years of use Truvada.
Among the 2107 people who decided not to start PrEP, 22 were subsequently diagnosed with HIV.

A statistically speaking rate of 1,1 incidence per 100 people-year.

Statisticizing talking ... (...) ...

And among the 1303 people who had not already lost even one dose of Truvada at the end of follow-up, 11 were diagnosed with HIV.

That ... after having taken up the last prescribed dose there was an incidence rate of 1,3 per 100 people-year.

"No HIV infections have been identified during, statistically expressing more than 5000 people-years in use of PrEP, a good number, I say, the publisher. But a number ...

And this number was consistent with the high adhesion previously observed in this scenario, wrote the researchers.

There were those who discontinued Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

However, HIV infections were identified among individuals being evaluated for PrEP eligibility (ie in the final stage of access to PrEP), who sought or were referred for prophylactic treatment but did not initiate care.

prophylactic (ie, inability to initiate PrEP), or discontinued Prophylaxis. "

Translated by Claudio Souza's original No New HIV Infections Among Kaiser PrEP Users, But Cascade Shows Missed Opportunities written by Liz Highleyman.

PrEP has to be for everyone but the condom is"Sine qua non"

I, the editor, note that in the study there were no new HIV infections and I add that PrEP has to be for everyone. But for all that I have seen and lived, even with PrEP, which should be considered with a kind of "second parachute", condom use is a "must and a condition"sine qua non ",which must be maintained at all costs, even if the cost is to lose that "Grane Lance"! And you see, many today say that the condom é insurance "Only 97%" or only 85%.

Well, before joining Mara I made a bachelor party that lasted a year. And I really booed and booed. And there was no evidence of contamination because I simply understood the labyrinths of pleasure in a condom with a condom and found that there are Means, means and means of having pleasure and orgasm without at least penetration. Use the cave, use the imagination, live your latent sexuality, which you hide ....

... And that may be the most delicious for both


p style = "text-align: justify;">[ Produzido em colaboração com ]
JL Marcus, LB Hurley, DP Nguyen, et al. Redefining HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis Failures. Clinical Infectious Diseases. July 29, 2017

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