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The Reagent Result Is Not The End Of The World

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Being a Reagent Is Not the End of the World! It's Time to Start Over!

Look ... You mention the following:

Being A Reagent Is Not The End Of The World

Today it's being difficult, it appeared, a tingling in my feet and it does not go away at all, of course I've already been researching about, and I saw that it can be a symptom of HIV.

Just to clear your mind I say that the initial symptoms of HIV infection are like those of any virus, because in short, HIV infection is nothing more than a virus!

When I received my Reagent, I took the batatinha

Okay ... all of you must be thinking that I did ... But the simple truth is that HIV, a virus, causes the body to react as when it is threatened as a virus in any part of the body.

But let's talk about its possible cause of HIV manifestation:

This numbness may be, for example, the manifestation of a hereditary problem which, in the case of my hand, manifested itself as a heavy suffering due to varicose veins that looked more like shackles (a type of rainwater conductor).

All over the body, and having a kind of insight right here at this hour, I can imagine that it made him, my father, lose interest in her and come to fix a lover (!!!) ... I do not know and would not dare to plead!

There is life with HIV.

Hypothetically I am a victim of my parents, who got married and separated the moment I started to wake up to life and needed light

I had to revise this sentence: We are all victims of our parents. And our children, I learned hard and sadly, are our victims. And I need almost half a century to figure this out. If you have thirty ...

Well, It Does not Matter There Is Life With HIV

I inherited my mother's vascular problem and in 2005 I had my first thrombus pulmonary embolus.

In 2012 the 2ª pulmonary embolism and between these two exams, several episodes of thrombophlebitis.

To summarize I have two serious diagnoses whose names are

  • Recurrent thrombophlebitis

  • Recurrent pulmonary embolism

I think it's easier for you to fall into the same "trap" than me than you own HIV. And See What Reagent Is Not The End Of The World

  1. About your persistence in symptoms, I kindly ask, however emphatically, that you read these links
  4. If HIV infection, or even AIDS, is effectively and successfully proven, this is not the end of the world.
  5. It was the end of the world for many people, over thirty million, and it seemed to be the end of "my world" in 1994 when there was no treatment. Anyway, once reagent, definitely reagent.

read this

This is my medication charge. But not everything is for HIV. The large yellow / orange boxes are from anticoagulants that are to treat a genetic condition from the maternal branch of my family. I put everything together because this and my reality and no one can be condemned for telling the truth

And keep in mind, as I say: Reagent Diagnosis is not the end of the world!

I survived this for over 20 years and I'm here!

What each person has to keep in mind is that today, medications are better, cause fewer side effects and rarely cause any greater harm to overall health. Each person with HIV has a different history with the same HIV infection. My case is this.

And defend yourself if you are a reagent. You are not a second-class citizen because you have contracted HIV 😊

And remember: Positive It's no different sign! (I.e.

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