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Is the SUS Exam reliable?

Yes ... Is the SUS test reliable?

After I started to "meet people by the Whats App" I came to live a different experience than I expected. My blog was, for more than a decade, the only one that existed and gave "consistent information." There are others today and I would say, in spite of the fact that I do not fit very well with their editorial policy, I would GIV, Pella Vida CRD, Gapa (The only one I know that is prior to, National Network of People Living with HIV or AIDS. After these, theYoung Seropositive.

What puzzled me was this:

SUS test is reliable

This is exactly the face of many of those who, from one moment to the next, do not believe that the SUS test is reliable, even more married as the figure there ...

I did not think ten seconds before deciding to get my "ZAP" there and my expectation would be to find people looking for me because they just discovered that they would be HIV positive. Ledo mistake!

What people ask me the most about is the real reliability of the SUS rapid tests, which is usually expressed in the sentence:

The SUS Exam is Trusted

Well, there is a reason, and it is important for you to know this, to receive, we people living with HIV or AIDS, the treatment of the drugs that make up the ART (Antiretroviral Therapy). When we live with HIV and we do not know that HIV infection progresses, day after day, and within five, eight or even ten years, maybe more, we do not represent, for the Union Box (because, in fact, this is what it is!) and, so to speak, "we do not bother anyone until, day or day, quantity and quality (I promise to write a text explaining this expression," quality ") of CD4 cells comes to fearful levels in which it would cease to be "only" an HIV infection and begin to act as AIDS, which in good Portuguese would be AIDS, an acronym for "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome." There is talk about Immune deficiency acquired because there are other diseases, which are not infectious, that you acquired in life because of "Thing A" or because of "Attitude B".

However and unfortunately there is one however, the truth is quite different.

Yeah ... see. When we turn into an "AIDS case" and we can not be thrown into the sea at about 200 miles from the Brazilian coast, they have to treat us. And that's where, frankly speaking, the nut twists its tail. And this is an excellent, excellent and very excellent reason for you to read me, to respect the term of the immunological window

It is very expensive to treat a person with "pneumocystosis" or with Kaposi's sarcoma, until the person "finally dies".

Cash issue

Here you are "The Spring of the World"

It is cheaper to treat with ART and prevent HIV disease from walking freely until it becomes AIDS as I have tried to illustrate roughly, I know, what to treat the person who, unfortunately, for not knowing the "thing" ends up evolving into AIDS.

Well ... The mean intentions of those who treat us are just a matter of "cost benefit", you, who read me, understand that? If you do not understand, please contact me through Whats App, because I will try to explain, in one way or another until clarify.

O treatment comes on account of the cost vs. benefit ratio

Well ... The fact is this, the treatment comes because of the cost vs. benefit ratio and there was no since the beginning of this treatment system, it has almost no truly humanitarian intent, naturally there are exceptions as there are people and people.

Having established this, what is the most important thing in this chain of facts?

Yes, you are right.

The accuracy of HIV testing. It is not rational to believe that within such a complex system where the evaluation of this test is a point that branches to many directions all very serious, there is no room for error because, I will try to list here the reasons for this system to exist and to need be close to perfection.

  • Without knowing that a person who has HIV has HIV and it is proven that she does not use condoms in sexual relations, she becomes an "vector" of HIV.

Because of this, the failure to detect would give rise to an unimaginable number of other infections, and all of them, theoretically able to conduct an examination and have not yet done so, being this vector, only God could know, predict or calculate how far people infected by these people, infected by the first person in whom diagnosis failed, would also become vectors, bringing the possibility of an unimaginable and geometrically progressive chain of people infected by the one that originated in the "Quiet person, since his examination mistakenly gave non-reagent and unfortunately this person does not become aware and continues to relate sexually with other people, sometimes even an unknown person, this happens to the gurgling, who would become a new vector that could generate other new vectors that could generate a chain of ... This has no end.

So my readers, just as these tests are conducted in surveys (Always in the sad and poor Africa) also can not have margin for error and, if I can dare, I dare say that 99.5% of these tests are "perfect" , given the chain of facts I described a few minutes ago, and which has dire consequences, as I have pointed out in the paragraph above.

Then each one of you will say to me:

"Yeah, so I can be a part of this 0.5% you described. (RNY)

Yes, you can be a part of this, once. Two or three and even five is unlikely. But this is not possible, from the statistical point of view you will not start to make a sudden, a sequence of collections of exams that can lead to this indescribable event of "bad luck".

If you took an exam and were not convinced because of fear, well, I can understand why the girl, my ex, who left me in the net was terrified and, according to a reliable source, she did TEN... Yes Ten exams and only accepted the result because an extremely rational person approached her and convinced her that ten exams in eight months was beyond convincing and, analyze this from her prism, not mine:


After being married, she became pregnant only after almost ten years of marriage ... I think, and I understand, what happened in this case, and yes, I believe that the experience (please forgive me) terrified her in such a way that even within marriage, she has been with her husband for at least six to eight years. (...)

O treatment comes on account of the cost vs. benefit ratio

Well ... I wrote a little more than a thousand words and I described something that, in my narrow way of seeing, would only have a very specific compartment of "Dante's Inferno" ...

A Science and God

Think about it and evaluate it with rationality and belief in Science and God and see if it is rational for you to do five or eight tests if all of them and all of them are in the 0,5% house.

Honestly and honestly, in my very direct and objective way of saying things, if that happens, you would definitely be a macaw shit!

Eita P ****

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