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About the sixty-day immunological window.

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The reason I still prescribe a sixty-day immunological window.

Claudio Souza
I love my work on this site and I still do not see "sensible reasons" for not presenting my image. The less than 20 countries that do not accept HIV-positive foreigners on their land can go to raise chickens and get all damned

A little worried about the idea of ​​bringing people to greater distress, for sixty days for complete security, I called Dial AIDS (0800 16 25 50) and I introduced myself as who I really am and what the reason for my phone call.

I told the person (recorded conversation) that I got a website, that in it a text written by professionals from the same Health Center where she worked, in an adjoining building and on the same ground and I explained to her that, written by whoever it was, preached from 30 to 60 days to 99% and 1% of the people tested, many question me via Whats App (the vehicle itself was not mentioned) because they, of the AIDS Dial, were thirty days old and I sought greater clarification

And she told me that, yes, thirty days "were enough."

At this point I asked the capital question incisively and directly:

I can * edit the text immunological window of sixty days in my Blog? (* I had a memorable insight with the Rude Plebe)

- "Can I change the text and remove the 60 days"?

Then the person became reticent and explained to me the same thing that I am always told by all the people that I question in this way, stating that "The person can re-test the sixty days to feel safer."

The phraseology itself is, at least, euphemistic and I, for your sake, and for my intellectual and moral safety, I do not remove the sixty days!

I feel ethically and morally incapacitated for this ...

It should be noted that if the CRT-A clerk who tells me something and informs me would assure me that I would be able to edit the text without fear, removing the sixty days and leaving only thirty, having herself changed the text. the tone of her speech, I can not in my conscience do it.

Thus, my dear readers and followers, in regard to my information remains the postulation of the need to do at least one test at sixty days. And, I repeat, this deadline is final.


  • You may have read 180 days.
  • You may have read that it is better to take the test in particular laboratories.
  • You may have read a whole series of things, including nonsensical stupidity "that if the relationship is anal the window is three years" (this is homophobic son of a bitch thing).
  • A immunological window is de 30 days to 99% of people and 60 days for the remnants. That is:

Take a thirty-sixty-day examination. If the result is non-reactive, accept it.

Have questions about credibility of the SUS examination? Click here! 😊

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  2. Good night Cláudio
    After PEP the test to be conclusive within 90 days is a test rapirá or 4 generation? Pe I ask your answer, as it has a doctor graduated from USP, posting that is only conclusive if it is within 90 days 4 exam !
    Thank you if you can reply.
    Without further
    Fábio Nescla

    1. Hi Fabio, good evening.
      Sorry for the delay in responding.
      Unfortunately I do not have a ready hit here, an answer I give, lie down and no longer have to "think about it" (in this it opens, say, jurisprudence for other cases.
      Tomorrow morning, when I'm on my way to the Lab for routine exams, I'll find a way to get the right information to give you, and me, and so many others, after us, that hot thing to have that's called "tranquility".

      See you. God knows how much you've suffered because of it and if He, "Great Boss Uga! Uga! Permitted such circumstance, surely there is a purpose.
      The big "X" would be to know "which"?

      Anyway, Fabio. Sleep tonight and do not think about it.

  3. I had oral sex on a boy and he ejaculated in my mouth ... a month later I had cough and flu symptoms ... after 73 days of oral sex I asked the boy to take the test in the cta of his city ... he did the hiv hepatitis test b, hepatitis ce sifilis all gave negative ... but I still insecure I went to the laboratory and did a fourth generation test with 88 days after oral sex, which I asked for urgency in the laboratory and they gave priority to mine and gave me the result with more than 3 hours and little .. which was negative tb ... only I still feel cough and that cough is already past two months I'm coughing ... anyway but for the case of hiv being his test with 73 days in the cta with result negative and my test with 88 days in the fourth generation lab ... can I close the case? or do I still run any risk in any way? for my part there was no more risk whatsoever, it was just this one with this guy. I hope guidance is appreciated

    1. The immunological window is at most 60 days and you have already passed this phase. You're scared. I'll tell you a story. I had "someone very loved" a little before the diagnosis and I will call her "Della Cruz and Della Prata".

      Well, the fact is that we had acquaintances in a very peculiar situation. We were both newly out of love affairs with sad endings and all that existed in matters of emotional pain, remorse for damn and damn phrases joined us.
      And, quietly and quietly, we established a silent, mutually supportive deal.
      Yes, as a matter of fact we were fictitious, being that she was little more than 27 years, I believe and I was more or less in her thirties, because I was diagnosed soon after, in 1994 and a whole drama rolled about it .
      Well, I was HIV-positive, but I did not know, and if there is anything I can say in my defense, that among all our relationships there was only oral sex, with the aggravating factor that, to my delight and personal satisfaction of her , she, D, swallowed the sperm and this our bid lasted six months and there was a penetration, which was bad, but at the moment (without a condom) it was as if a voice said in my ear: "Do not do this with She Claudius ".... I obeyed mechanically, I do not know why.
      Soon after (bad penetration, ruined dating in some cases) she broke up with me in a stupid phone fight.
      In this fight she called me an idiot 90.000 times and I said she was a great one .... she hung up.
      I was not going to say what most people say. I was going to say "bastard.
      Well, on Sunday, I already loved her and did not know, I called her five times, but she was not
      And I called her on Tuesday and I heard horrible things from her.
      "So you become devalued."
      A friend of mine, upon hearing this conversation, said that she was foolish enough not to understand that what I was offering her was love (another person, a friend, also confirmed this) ...
      But that's not what matters to you, Aline.
      What matters is that (and you, children, do not do it at home) is that a friend, seeing all my drama and suffering in that, informed her about everything and said that half a second later he had already regretted having told her at such an inopportune moment and that he had to use energy to bring her back to the light of reason, reminding her that he was in his room at the company where she worked.
      The fact is, she told me ten tests, and less trustworthy source told me that by the time she was five years old she had not yet gotten pregnant, and the Cross, if you have not gotten pregnant, look, he's your husband, and I would be able to judge that he did "three hundred examinations" and that everything is fine.
      If you have not had a child with him because of the trauma you've been through, forget about it>

      Move on! GO AHEAD!
      The last letter I sent you I sent because you were frustrated, sad and disappointed, because I believed that I would die in a few months and all I wanted was to talk to you, to see you, one last time, and how you did not show signs of intending to do it, I was hard and harsh with you because I was in moral pain, as in Russian Music:

      "When there is no compassion / and no gesture of help / thinking of those we know we love / who thinks for themselves is free / and being free is a very serious thing ... and there in front

      "... I know why you fled / I just can not understand ...

      For it is my friend Aline, I hired a ride on her debt to try to throw a bottle overboard, but, I thought,

      If Della Cruz and Della Prata, after six months swallowing sperm did not contract HIV because she had excellent oral health, there is nothing for you to fear.

      Help me continue to help with this site

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    1. Yes, you can. Even WHO, or WHO, sets this deadline and the only thing left for me is knowing that you have endured the waves and you are standing, because otherwise, maybe not right and, you see, you should look for this site more. Well, I tell you, my blog has a good, if not a good reputation and you can look at the honors that it has received!

  5. I did my test with 97 days and still do not trust and I cry of fear my test was of 4 generation the nurse of the laboratory told me that for me to be sure it was only with 2 years and the gynecologist doctor that I was gave me 6 months to be sure I do not sleep nor how much more than 3 months I do not know who to trust each day that passes is more unhappy ...

    1. Honey. Calm down! You see, there are many "health professionals" (sic) who take the course, receive the diploma and stop on time. They do not update themselves and end up spreading more fear and misinformation.

      You know, I know that talking about yourself is not very good, but I need to exlude you in part to my nature. I know the work I do deals with human lives and that means being able to change destinations, for better or for worse. I do not put anything here without, rather, having a good foundation of what I'm going to publish.

      Well, the text that I'm going to suggest you read has a lot written by me, which is me, saying what I think and feel of a whole set of things, facts, experiences that I have acquired. The text I posted on the immunological window was something I personally asked for a nurse (not an aide) from the CRT-A diagnostics branch that is in the vicinity of Metro's St. Jude's Station. Read the link, and if you want, go down some more. I put things there, which now appear at the end of each post. Not for me "to incense a illusory greatness". But to show that, yes, I have been conducting this for almost eighteen years, and that, yes, my work is serious. Try reading this text: And if you need it, you can look me up for ZAP. The Golden Rule: Do not Call. Block is immediate for unknown numbers

    2. Ana, forgive me for the delay in answering. I believe the system is approving comments automatically. 60 days girl, 60 days. I talked to Robson, whom a certain mummy mentioned as "one of Robinson", from the AIDS dialect ratified or that I keep here, which is, in pure and already explicit truth, an exposition of the writing of the technical part of this text. And, plus ultra, CTR-A has a routine, of them, in which people with 90 days are definitely settled, for better or for worse. So, mon cher, you can look to the Heavens and give thanks to Him and, as I usually tease here .... "Now go and do not falter any more

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